26th May a Black Day in the history of the Pashtun

By: Faheem Nazimi

26th May 20

The Khar kamar incident of the 26th May last year was a total massacre of the Waziri Pashtun tribal people at FATA by Pakistan. Pakistani armed forces opened fire on peaceful demonstrations led by the PTM human rights activists who claim their basic human rights. In this incidence 15 PTM human rights activists were killed and more than 50 others were wounded.

This incident of brutality and flagrant violation of human rights by the Pakistani security establishment is widely condemned by the people of the people across the world. Pakistani terrorist security networks are continuing harassment and extra judiciary killing and unlawful imprisonment of the Pashtun community and the PTM members and activists. The brutal killing of Arif Wazir a prominent member of the PTM is the latest in the series.

Pakistan has the worst human rights records in the world; it is a terrorist sponsor state and permanent source of tyranny and repression to its minorities, the Pashtuns, and the Baluchi. Pakistan is violating all international human rights conventions and the International Declaration of Human Rights that Pakistan has sighted and has pledged to uphold. The Pashtuns in the FATA and across the Pashtun Belt and the Baluch will never forget Pakistani repression and despotism.

They have stood up for their legitimate rights and will continue to do so until they achieve their goals of freedom and justice. Tyranny will not last forever. We express our strong solidarity with Pashtun and other minorities in Pakistan. United we are stronger, and we strongly condemn Pakistan as a cruel and bloodthirsty regime of terror against the Pashtuns minority in Pakistan. Khar Kamar massacre will always be remembered as Panjabi fascism against the innocent and defenseless Pashtun communities It will go down in the history of the Pashtuns as a black day.

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