About Us

About us:

Dawat is an independent free media center, working since 1988, continuously serving the Afghan nation in the field of media.

The Dawat headquarters is in Lillestrøm, Norway.

Dawat Media is headed by experienced journalist and author Mohammad Tariq Bazger.



Dawat Media Center is administered and run by Afghan volunteers. The first internet page was launched in 1997, with its initial services aimed at providing access to information and publications. By the grace of Allah and with the help of our readers, Dawat Media Center has expanded its net beyond the Pashto and Dari websites and effectively introduced an English website.
The Dawat Media Centre, with its limited resources, is proud to provide the websites free of charge to the people in our homeland Afghanistan and worldwide.  The Dawat Media Centre, works in a framework of national interest, and is at the disposal of our beloved people in Afghanistan and around the world. For this purpose Dawat Media Centre has rolled up its sleeves and has promised to the people to continue its free media services.


Dawat Independent Media Center Services:

  • Dawat Media, collects the views, analysis, comments and writing of Afghan and foreign thinkers and puts them in front of the nation.
  • Dawat Media Center, publishes news analysis in Pashto/Dari and English language websites, and also has the honour of publishing various books in Pashto and Dari languages.
  • Dawat Media Center has, by the grace of Allah Almighty, a reputation as a reliable and well credited resource, and holds the regard of journalists worldwide as a trusted media center.
  • Dawat Media Center is pleased to attend Conferences to represent Afghan points of view and journalistic freedom.




Dawat Independent Media Center started its work with a print newspaper “DAWAT”.  The first issue was published in December 1988 and reached out to Afghans living in Scandinavian countries; Norway, Sweden, and Denmark.

Through the dedication and hard work of Mohammad Tariq Bazger, Editor and administrator, and with the help of almighty Allah we have outstanding achievements. In a very short period of time we reached our goal to provide access to a free media across Western Europe. In addition, Dawat Media Center reports and news now reach the United States of America, Australia and most of the Asian countries.  Dawat began as a publication in our native languages of Pashto and Dari, but in a short time we were able to start Dawat Media reports in Norwegian and English. The Dawat Media Center reaches more than 50 countries and any location with internet access.


AIM OF DAWAT INDEPENDENT MEDIA CENTER:                               

Dawat Media Center aims:

  • To serve the Afghan nation and to reflect the hopes, desires, needs and pains of the Afghan nation in accurate analysis and writing by intellectuals and thinkers.
  • To publish the views and visions of the writers, and leave commentary or opinion to the judgment of the nation.
  • To be able to bring together the dispersed Afghans around the world, to inform them about the events, lifestyle, culture and activities of Afghans who live inside and outside the country.
  • Dawat will strive to strengthen and expand independent journalism in Afghanistan and endeavour to empower the nation, observe human rights, inform Afghans of their rights and to present the real picture of the Afghan culture, literature, events to our nation and worldwide.
  • To serve and enlighten our nation towards lasting security and tranquillity in the country and for the establishment of a democratically elected and independent government.
  • To work for the unity of all Afghan ethnic and linguistic groups.
  • To stay away from discrimination, racism, linguistic and regional differences, which is a fundamental task in uniting the nation.
  • Afghaniat (this term is used to define the life style/ways of living of the Afghans) and Afghanistan are our pride.
  • Dawat Media Center will strive to extend its ability to share news, facts and commentary with the Afghan Nation and with those who love Afghanistan.