Afghan forces shoot down Pakistani drone in Kunar

The Afghan forces have shot down a Pakistani spy drone which crossed 800 meters into the Afghan territory in Kunar province across the durand line, Bilal Sarwari, a journalist from Kunar province said. 

Pakistani drone has collapsed in Pashd region of Sarkano district of Kunar province, Sarwari said adding the Afghan government or the local security officials have not yet provided details or commented on the matter.

The local sources and elders have confirmed that the spy drone was collapsed after it crossed the durand line and shot by the Afghan forces, Sarwari said.

As per the initial reports, it was a spy drone entered Afghanistan without permission.

No official statement has yet been issued by the Pakistani government and Afghan officials in this connection.

This comes as the government has been condemning Pakistani security forces for the rocket attacks on the eastern parts of Afghanistan from across the contentious Durand Line and terming it a violation of the international principles.

Back in February 2019, the Afghan government sent a letter to the United Nations to protest Pakistan’s rocket shelling on Afghan soil. According to the letter, the cross-Durand Line violations date back to 2012 but had increased its frequency since 2017.

The letter sent by Kabul to the UN reads that during the 2012 to 2017 period, 28,849 artillery shells were fired into Afghanistan by Pakistan resulting in the death of at least 82 people and injuring 187 others. According to the letter, since 1st January 2018, the number of violations by Pakistan in Afghanistan stands at 161 which include firing 6,025 artillery shells into Afghan territory.

In March locals in eastern Nangarhar province complained against the rocket shelling by Pakistan’s military which continued for days despite repeated pleas by local officials to stop the blatant “aggression”. The Nangarhar residents said many villages in Goshta and Lal Pur districts have been hit by rockets from across the Durand Line.

Kunar province has been the worst victim of Pakistan’s military shelling where locals have made exodus and shifted their families to safe parts of the country.

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