Afghanistan: Rest In Peace, Lala Khan

You may have seen news of the devastating attack in Nangarhar Province, Afghanistan.  The target was Lala Khan, a great alley of the United States.  I know Americans and Afghans who personally knew Lala Khan.  His reputation as a warrior and fair man is immense.

Haji Lala Khan, a dedicated brave son of a tribal leader Haji Noor Agha Malakzai was murdered yesterday by an ISIS suicide bomber in his village of Khewa in Nangarhar province while attending the funeral of a local police Chief.

Lala Khan was closely working with CADG (Central Asia Development Group) in the east of Afghanistan by implementing the CDP (Community Development Projects) in the most remote areas and in the toughest terrains of the East. He was providing security for the American non-combat personal of CADG and on numerous occasions, he recovered American taxpayers money that had been stolen by crooks.

Lala Khan helped in preventing attacks on the US Army in his region by offering development projects in remotest villages to local tribesmen.  He was a great negotiator in convincing local tribes to eject Taliban and Al Qaeda from their villages and that is how he saved the lives of many American soldiers based in the Eastern parts of Afghanistan.

He was a loyal and dedicated friend of America who always welcomed American development workers with open arms to his guest house with Afghan Wonderful hospitality.

He was a member of the provincial council for Nangarhar province for the past four years where he was greatly serving the local community and he was one of the true champions of democracy in Afghanistan. In both elections of 2014 and 2019, he supported Ashraf Ghani and I can say that it was because of LaLa Khan that Ashraf Ghani made it to the presidential Palace.

Lala Khan was a tough man who lived the life of a true warrior defending his people from the aggression of Soviets and then the Taliban and Al Qaeda.

“He dedicated his life serving the needy and poor people of his province. He was a true patriot who always lived among his people and who believed in peaceful prosperity and developing Afghanistan. His goal was to unite his people and to save Afghanistan from debacles. He worked towards a peaceful Afghanistan where all people could live in harmony.

He stood against those who were terrorizing the lives of ordinary people. He raised his voice on behalf of the weak and injustices. He opposed warlords who stole from poor people and fetched their land by force and he never bowed to those criminal warlords who intimidated the lives of his ordinary poor people,

Some criminal-minded warlords of Eastern Afghanistan became his enemies.  These brutal warlords are known to have links with foreign regional Intels and this is how the ISIS suicide bomber was able to cross the security personnel of LaLa Khan and killed him along with 24 of his people in a bloodbath Type of an attack in which over 80 people were also injured.

Lala Khan left behind four children and his son Tayab Khan who is 14 now will fulfill his father’s (LaLa Khan) legacy one day.

May his soul Rest In Peace

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