Afghanistan stands in solidarity with PTM

 By: Faheem Nazimi

May 3, 20


The people of Afghanistan while expressing their solidarity with PTM are deeply alarmed by the terrorist onslaught of Pashtuns and their pioneer human rights organization the PTM by the Pakistani establishment, the ISI. PTM is a non-violent, spontaneous organization led by Manzor Pashteen to fight for the attainment of basic human rights and to defend the Pashtuns from the Pakistani barbarous repression and atrocities committed by the Army and Police of Pakistan against the innocent and defenseless Pashtun across the Pashtun communities in Pakistan.

The unlawful imprisonment, assassinations, kidnappings and extrajudicial killings of the PTM members are now the order of the day. Arif Wazir is the latest in the series of such target killing that fell victim to ISI crimes on the 1st of May 20 who was gunned down in his car on his way home in his home town Waziristan and later succumbed to his wound at the hospital in Islamabad. The Pashtuns are mourning his death and condemn Pakistani terrorist sponsored state for committing such brutal attacks and violations of human rights and human rights abuses. Arif Wazir was a great fighter for the attainment of basic human rights for his people and a prominent member of the PTM and human rights activist and advocate. His assassinations considered to be a strong blow to the PTM and a great victory to the ISI of Pakistan. I am calling on the international human rights organizations to send their investigative teams to the area. I call for the human rights investigators to name and shame Pakistan guilty of human rights violations.

I am also calling on the US Department of State once again to consider PTM as its top priority alignment and to express its solidarity with the movement led by Manzor Pashteen. Supporting the PTM is, in fact, the right action toward the realization of the Principle of Fundamental Rights for All citizens in the world. This is the struggle for the principles of universal human rights and every person and government has a duty to stand in solidarity with the Pashtun people for their human rights. Pashtuns stand for peace, freedom, and justice. Pakistan claims it is fighting a war on terror; the truth is Pakistan is fighting a war of terror against the Pashtun people. Those human rights abuses include: The arrest of innocent people without a trial, torture and forced disappearances, and extrajudicial killing.

These are a crime under international crime. Laws that Pakistan itself has signed and pledged to uphold. I simply ask the US to remind Pakistan to honor the commitments it has made to human rights. We want Pakistan to implement policies of the universal declaration of human rights and all the other human rights conventions that Pakistan has signed and pledged to uphold. We are part of the same human family with the same inheritable human rights no matter where we are and the way we win is to fight together in solidarity and collected actions. The same applies to Afghanistan. Please do not ignore the atrocities and devastations committed by Pakistan in Afghanistan in an effort to impose a terror regime through their puppets Taliban in the country either. Pakistan is violating all human rights principles and international principles pertaining to noninterference in the internal affairs of neighboring countries and good neighborly relations.

Afghanistan is fighting terrorism for its own and international security’s sake and attainments of peace, freedom, and justice. We need to fight tyranny in whatever form and shape and be united in this struggle. That is how the way tyranny is overthrown. We want solidarity among the Pashtun people, the people of Baluchistan, and others. Everybody needs to stand together because united we are stronger. No tyranny lasts forever. The Pakistan state will have its fall. The Pashtun people will one day soon be free.

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