Afghan Air Force continues to add new capabilities, says Gen. Bunch

A top US General in Afghanistan has said that the Afghan Air Force continues to add new capabilities as efforts are underway to boost the fighting the capabilities of the Afghan national defense and security forces.

Brigadier General Lance Bunch, assistant deputy commanding general for Air, U.S. Forces-Afghanistan, and vice commander of the 9th Air and Space Expeditionary Task Force-Afghanistan, U.S. Forces Central Command, made the remarks during a video teleconference with the reporters in Pentagon on Wednesday.

“Part of our mission is training, advising and assisting the Afghan Air Forces as they build — both build their — and train their air force, while simultaneously fighting this war,” Gen. Bunch said.

Gen. Bunch further added ” Building on our last conversation back in December, we are witness to the growth of the Afghan Air Force in capacity and proficiency as they continue to target the Taliban across this country.”

According to Gen. Bunch, the Afghan Air Force continues to add new capability, from dropping laser-guided bombs, to combat air drops, to integrating the UH-60 into their operations.  This is an air force that gets better every day.

“In March of ’18, this year, they dropped their first laser-guided bomb, a significant increase in their capability and their precision as they go after the Taliban targets wherever they are in the country,” he said in response a question, adding that they’ve dropped up to 75 of those now.

In regards to the air campaign against the Taliban and other militant and terrorist groups, Gen. Bunch said “Before the recent cease-fire began, Operation Iron Tempest, the name of our air campaign, had destroyed 154 Taliban targets. The Afghan Air Force also participated by conducting 19 strikes against Taliban revenue targets with their A-29 attack aircraft. The targets destroyed included narcotics production, storage and trafficking locations, weapons and explosive caches, headquarters and staging areas.”

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