By: Faheem Nazimi –  My plea to the Taliban


August 25, 2017

Afghanistan for her survival, prosperity, freedom and independence is engaged in repelling an imposed undeclared war by Pakistani Punjabi establishment fought on one front and on the other front is the Taliban forces that are waging a destructive war against their own country and people. Afghanistan has proposed peace talks and peace settlement of the Afghan conflict to both. However, to no avail. Afghanistan is of the opinion that war and military options alone will not resolve the conflict, or bring peace and stability to Afghanistan, and thus believe in political settlement of the conflict through negotiation and reconciliation. I hope Taliban will realize sooner than later that they are fighting a futile war at the behest of their Punjabi and other masters against their own national interest. I hope they will realize that Punjabi establishment is their country’s irreconcilable enemy who consider their country as their client state and they have forcefully occupied their legitimate land depriving Afghanistan of its essential means of economic development and prosperity. The Taliban must come to the assistance of their suffering occupied brethren who are subject to Punjabi atrocities and repression in the Pashtun tribal area and Baluchistan. Taliban can spare their zeal and might in helping the national cause for freedom and independence by regaining Afghanistan’s historical territories back to its former status as the sovereign territory of Afghanistan. They must join in the national cause rather than playing into the hands of the enemy of Afghanistan. Their grievances I am confident will be listened to and adhered to , and redressed If they only agree to peace and negotiation unconditionally with the Afghan government. This is a legitimate and legal move fully in line with the tenants of Islam. Reaching a peaceful political settlement between Afghan government and the Taliban will be a win win situation for both sides and both sides will be victorious and honourable.

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