Let’s face it By: Faheem Nazimi

September 9, 2017
Many years back I read in a British journal revealing their top level secret talks with high ranking Taliban leaders who were quoted to have admittedly said on condition of anonymity that they would like to have the US presence in Afghanistan as a deterrence against Iran. This belief is shared overwhelmingly by Afghans who see the US presence in Afghanistan as vital for Afghan survival and Independence and prosperity in the wake of Pakistan’s undeclared war of aggression and dominance on Afghanistan.Pakistan is currently engaged in a war of terror against Afghanistan causing enormous threat to the region and beyond. It has destabilized Afghanistan and the region. They unleash Taliban and other terrorist groups such as Dayesh on daily basis on Afghanistan who operate with Pakistan’s material and political assistance as well as Intel support from their safe heavens in Pakistan. Pak army is on the other hand bent on crushing the independence movement of Baluchistan and trying to subjugate the Pashtun tribal resistance through bloodshed and atrocities undermining their sovereign rights to self-determination by committing human rights abuses in tribal areas. Panjabi continued occupation of Afghan legitimate territory dominated by Pashtuns in the tribal area and Baluchistan is unacceptable and the travesty of the 21st century.There is an immediate need for the west to take a hard look at this artificial border, and restore the natural and historical frontier between these two countries for the sake of peace in the region.
Balochistan and portions of the Pashtun-dominated tribal areas of Pakistan that were forcefully taken away and merged into British India need to be restored to their earlier status as the sovereign territory of Afghanistan.

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