The Passing of a Public Sevant Professor Hashemyan

Salam and Deep Condolences to the Family of Murhoom Professor Hashemyan,

With sadness we received a phone call from a friend about the passing of Murhoom Dr. Hashemyan.

We send our sincere prayers to Allah (SWT) to have mercy on the soul of a historical friend

of the Afghan people and ours, Murhoom Professor Hashemyan. We send our sincere condolences

Professor Hashemyan

to  Mrs. Hashemyan, Emil jaan and the entire family.

Professor Hashemyan’s illness and now leaving this earth for a much better place leaves a

large vacuum among the Afghan diaspora and others who knew him. His works for decades

publishing the Afghanistan Mirror, his numerous books and essays on a variety

of topics provided educational, informational, and above all campaigns for the rights of the Afghan people.

His large volume of works will not be forgotten.

Murhoom Professor Hashemyan will be sourly missed as a friend and  devout Muslim campaigner . His passing and his

burial on a Friday the 23rd day of Ramazan are clear signs of Mercy from Allah (SWT). May he rest in Paradise.

Professor Said Hashemyan will be remembered in our prayers.

With prayers,

M.Siddieq Noorzoy,

and Family

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