Warlord or a hero?- by: Mohammad N Asif

Warlord or a hero?

Shame on some of the Scottish Politicians (MPs) who will join to celebrate the so called legacy of an Afghan Warlord in the British Parliament Building today (11/09/2017 later in the evening.

In a nutshell his legacy was and is the destruction of Afghanistan the killing of innocent Afghans and the raping, looting of Afshar residents by his soldiers under his command.

Ahmad Shah Masood the late Afghan warlord is not a hero.

He was only declared a hero by the Afghan puppet regime installed by the British and American to win support.

We are saddened and shocked that some Scottish members of Parliament who are being misguided will celebrate the so called legacy of a warlord responsible along with others for the killing of 70,000 innocent citizens of Kabul in the Afghan civil war between 1992-1996 according to the United Nations.

We understand the position of some MPs to win support for their fragile majority but morality and principles should not be compromised.

We are pretty sure the MPs in question can do a much better job than this and are capable to do something useful for their constituents rather than wasting taxpayers money and time to take part in the event to celebrate the life of a warlord.

Without researching the crimes against innocent women and children, the killing and raping of Hazara women and the massacre of Afshar in Kabul, some of the MPs joined the band blindly without knowing the exact story.

The former most corrupt Afghan President Hamid Karzai was held hostage by the Warlord brutal associates to pressure him in declaring Masood a hero if he wants to remain in power.

He was declared a national hero just to win support for the imposed foreign sponsored war.

Under the British and American occupation of Afghanistan brutal warlords were empowered and promoted to win support to continue the occupation and to maintain their interest in the region.

Before joining to celebrate the warlord so called legacy, at least the MPs should have visited Amnesty International, RAWA, read the Ghost wars, Bush’s wars and international human right watchdog to see his crimes against innocent Afghans.

If this is the kind of Politics that some MPs are promoting than we are sorry to be part of it.

We know majority MPs are very decent people but have no full knowledge of the conflict in Afghanistan and are being misguided by some individuals who seek political mileage from similar Warlords who are ministers and senior officials in Afghanistan corrupt regime in return for this event.

This is an imposed foreign sponsored war which does not have any hero but created one to please their followers who supported the occupation.

To some he is a hero and to many he is just another warlord where he and his forces killed innocent Afghans in the civil war indiscriminately.

Lastly western propaganda and their Media can promote anyone as long as the person represents their interests in their occupation.

Those who stood with occupation become heroes and the others who refused have become terrorists under Bush and Blair slogan “You are with us or against us”

The ordinary Afghans hate him and remember him as a brutal warlord just like many other similar warlords.

In what has become an annual breakdown of law and order, the capital turned into a scene of chaos on Saturday with little visible sign of government control.

On Saturday young men armed with knives and Kalashnikov rifles sped around Kabul, firing into the air and terrorizing residents, who mostly stayed indoors because of Masood’s supporters.

Please click on the links to read about his crimes and also watch the videos.














Note: The MPs in question know who they are.

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