What is happening to our youth? -By: Faheem Nazimi

The former rapacious warlord mafia regime of Karzai could only think of lining their pockets and was engaged in usurpation of national wealth of Afghanistan. They were least interested in addressing youth bulge and the massive unemployment problem that prevails in the country. As a result, today, poor young Afghan economic migrants face the extreme inhumane treatment at the hands of some fascists and cruel police and suffer brutal devastation by crossing seas and borders in foreign lands of the so called human rights advocates who display themselves on very humanitarian upfront. This experience sometimes amounts to the extent of their demise or imprisonments. No one in the world would ever come to their rescue. This seems to be an ongoing tragedy that has beset the Afghan youth. Afghanistan is experiencing a youth bulge. It generates tens of thousands of unemployable young men who are looking for job both home and away. They also serve a good source of recruitment for the armed opposition and they are readily available in the suburbs to take up arms against their government for their subsistence as sole bread winners of their families. It is the legacy of the past that the present regime of Ashraf Ghani will have to deal with under the constrained and unfavorable circumstances.

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