Afghanistan’s foreign ministry restricts the activities of its staff on social media

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Afghanistan has imposed limitations on staffs’ activities on social media websites.

According to a formal letter issued by Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the deputy foreign minister Edris Zaman has instructed all formal employees of the ministry to refrain from political and security related comments in social media.

Zaman has warned that the employees would face legal actions should they violate the instructions.

Meanwhile, NAI organization which supports open media in Afghanistan has said the instructions are contradicting the Article 34 of the Constitution which gurantees freedom of speech.

Abdul Mujeeb Khelwatgar, the Chief Executive of NAI organization said all governmental and private institutions can have their own policies.

However, he said such policies should not contradict the laws of the country.

Khelwatgar further added that the formal letter of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs is fully contradicting the constitution of the country and is suppressing the freedom of speech which is one of the key rights of the citizens of Afghanistan.

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