Afghanistan’s future hang in the balance

By: Faheem Nazimi

May 20, 2020

There will be no peace unless the west changes its mind. The question of Afghanistan’s future has to be nuanced and analyzed differently. It is not a matter for the Afghans to decide. It is not even a matter for the Afghan’s desire or will because they will want to stay together to have a strong Afghanistan. This is unfortunately not what the West and Pakistan want. It is more a question of how fierce is the foreign ( the west and Pakistan) ill wind and conspiracy. Will it scatter yet another generation of Afghans across the world? Peace Talks with Taliban is a conspiracy, it will not work. Even supposedly in the event of successful peace talks with the Taliban and reconciliation between the government and the Taliban, it will be sabotaged by foreign interferences to arrange for their split of the Taliban to join the newly created platform of terrorism known as a future plan. Foreign interference and the resupply of the Daesh are currently carried out and huge amounts of money and weapons are supplied by the West directly to the faction inside Afghanistan. The present state of affairs that Afghanistan is in is detrimental to its sovereignty and independence
Afghanistan is the victim of the Pakistani aggression and Western conspiracy based on the ‘Great Game ‘concept of ‘Forward policy’ that the British started pursuing since the 1870s. The policy did result in the British in increasing territory and managed to split the Pashtun hardcore and draw a line through the heart of the Pashtuns, but it also brought in war. Because, the forward policy i.e. the subjugation of Afghanistan, by its very nature, precluded the possibility of peace and stability in the region. Pakistan is perusing exactly the same policy against Afghanistan by the radicalization of the Pashtuns through their chains of Madrasas exploiting their ignorance. They are taught the Wahabi brand of Islam through indoctrination. Thus these religious students that are numbered in thousands are turned out to be ready for Jihad to fight their own fellow Muslims in Afghanistan let alone any non-Muslim forces. Such militant and indoctrinated Pashtun Youth are mobilized in military training centers by Pakistan. They are subsequently organized in the Talibani terrorist networks and unleashed in Afghanistan. The Pashtun and Baloch areas have been deliberately neglected within Pakistan, promoting infighting among these ethnic groups, and reducing them to being mere recruiting grounds for militants, thereby enabling Islamabad to maintain its strategic relevance in the region.
Pakistan is fighting Afghanistan using the Taliban as its expendable vanguard mercenaries to dominate central Asia, let alone Afghanistan. Afghanistan needs to rebuff this conquest by seeking help from other friendly countries in the region and by mobilizing its own people to dislodge Talibanism and give a befitting answer to Pakistan and its masters. What Zalmaikhalilzad is doing to Afghanistan is to outsource US policies on Afghanistan to Pakistan once again as conveniently as it was once in the period of the Jihad of Afghanistan. This is not acceptable by the heroic people of Afghanistan come what may. The idea of Khalilzad ‘s expectation to pressure Ghani to agree to form a semblance of the Unity government with Abdulla Abdulla termed as “all-inclusive government’ is part of this conspiracy. This expectation by Khalilzad is invalid, biased, and hostile and against the will of the majority of the Afghans who have recently voted the rascals out of the so-called Unity government purely in an effort to set up instead an independent government led by their popular President Ashraf Ghani as the only hope for peaceful and democratic Afghanistan. This wild expectation is a sign of disrespect for the sacrifices of the Afghan National Security and Defenses Forces being made on a daily basis in defense of their high moral grounds which is to say no to the Unity Government. Afghanistan people refuse to tend to such suggestions of ulterior designs that will paly only into the hands of the enemy of Afghanistan. Most of the people in Afghanistan suspect Khalilzad as a trouble maker who is bent on creating rifts and discords among Afghans and consider him an evil person.
Gen. Ziaulhaq, the former President of Pakistan is on record for having dreamt of Pakistan domination of Central Asia let alone Afghanistan. The way he wanted this to achieve was to pursue a policy of interference in Afghanistan’s internal affairs to mobilize and employ the Taliban as its vanguard and extremism/terrorism as means of his foreign policy tools. That is why Pakistan devised the ‘Forward Policy’ policy of the ‘Great Game’ playbook and decided to heavily invest in Taliban project that continues to date. Pakistan will never ever easily give up on the Taliban, as they do not trust Afghanistan to rise above its current vulnerability. Pakistan would only agree to a subservient government in Kabul, and Afghanistan as its vassal and backyard serving as their strategic depth. A weak and backward medieval kind of governance like that of the Taliban in Afghanistan would serve their purpose best. Afghanistan will then be subsequently used as a springboard of terrorism against central Asia and China and Iran. This is a conspiracy hatched by the help of the West and strongly condemned by the people of Afghanistan.

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