Airbus unveils modular, flying car concept

The aircraft manufacturer foresees its concept to become an on-demand transportation network. PHOTO: AFP


One of the biggest names in the aircraft manufacturing sector Airbus has just unveiled its autonomous, modular flying car concept at this year’s Geneva Motor Show (GMS).

Designed in collaboration with Italdesign, Pop.Up is a modular passenger capsule that can switch between four-wheeled ground transport and quadcopter flight.

The autonomous concept is based on artificial intelligence which chooses between air and ground routes depending on traffic and the rider’s preference. Airbus even floats the idea of using the capsule through hyperloop tubes when they are available.

The aircraft manufacturer foresees Pop.Up to become an on-demand transportation network that isn’t limited ground-based options.

However, the autonomous drone-car is still a concept in its early phase and has to go through extensive testing before it is rolled out the masses. As such any practical use can be years away.

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