An independent Balochistan the lifeline for Afghanistan – By: Sobdar Baluch

Pakistan heavily invests on its proxies fighting in Afghanistan and India. It is well established fact that ISI provides them safe havens, recruitment opportunity, training centers, sophisticated weapons and modern techniques of guerrilla warfare. Three million Afghan refugees in #OccupiedBalochistan and #OccupiedPashtunistan were not allowed to undertake in Collages, Universities but were overwhelmingly welcomed in Madrasas on the instruction of ISI. Pakistan had always played the role of a paid country for the invading force. Making the Afghan soil economically feeble, politically unstable is in the great favor of ISI. Imposing the undeclared war, creating instability and spreading chaos is the part of ISI’s Afghan doctrine. A disturbed Afghanistan has always been taken as a rare chance for ISI (Inter Services Intelligence) of Pakistan to pursue its dirty objectives such as overtaking the country’s border control to send its proxy Taliban, Hakani Networks and other religious outfits, to overrun and dictate the foreign policy of Afghanistan.

It supported its proxies in Afghanistan who accelerated their sabotage activities, due to unrest in Afghanistan millions of people migrated to Pakistan. The Afghan refugees were like gold egg giver hen because ISI cashed their suffering. They were brainwashed and told that fighting in Afghanistan against Russians, Americans and Afghan forces is serving the God. Illiterate Afghan refugees unknowingly indulged in Pakistan’s dirty war, they killed each other and bleed their own country for decades.

The leadership of Afghanistan did figure out Pakistan as their enemy but unfortunately couldn’t take practical steps to recognized or acknowledged their real brother, true and trust worthy neighbor who always wished for a stronger, prosper and peaceful Afghanistan.

The Baloch living both sides of artificial British made borders of #DurandLine shares the common culture, tradition, history and language. Both the countries are full of natural resources if are extracted under their own governance, will eradicate the poverty and can boost the country’s economy over night.

The deteriorating situation in Afghanistan and growing terror attacks across the world are clear indication that Pakistan is preparing for another 9/11 in the world. The rapidly growing nexus between ISIS, Taliban, Al Qaida, Hakani Networks and Lashkar-e-Tuba and other likeminded extremists groups with the ISI is extremely a worrying situation for entire region.

Pakistan has hundreds of tactical nuclear weapons that probably has been provided to these extremist groups. There are growing concerns worldwide that Pakistan’s national airline, the PIA (Pakistan International Airline) found guilty of smuggling heroin and drugs to UK and some other parts of the world. Now the legitimate question arises if Pakistan officially can supply drugs through its national Airlines then supplying nuclear weapons through its sea and land to other countries is not a difficult task for its army and ISI.

To foil Pakistan sponsor terror threats, the world leaders especially the neighbors of Balochistan needs to join hands and lend helping hand towards the Baloch national struggle for independence. There is no doubt that Balochistan is the lifeline for the regional stability and durable peace in the world. The peace and prosperity of Afghanistan lies in a strong, #FreeBalochState. The world needs to recognize the fact that there is no any border of Pakistan with India but the Panjab which is actually an organ of India separated on 14 August 1947 after the withdrawal of British forces. Balochistan, Sindh and Pashtunsitan are not part of Paksitan historically.
When you ask a Baloch child his/her exactly reply is “Genetically he/she is Baloch, Geographically they are Balochistan but forcefully were occupied by Pakistan army by the barrel of the gun on 27 March 1948.

How we can build Afghanistan?

No foreign aid or heavy cash can help Afghanistan to sustain and develop. Afghanistan leadership needs to think out of the box. They must realize their friends and foes. You can’t change your neighbors but unfortunately Afghanistan for the last 70 years is overlooking its real neighbors. Afghanistan must accept this bitter reality that Pakistan is not her its neighbor. Afghanistan and region did a blunder to call Pakistan a neighbor who’s age is only 70 was created accidentally as a buffer state to serve the interests of the British. Instead of calling Pakistan the neighbor, Afghanistan could have built strong ties based on mutual interests and common goals with Balochistan, Pashtunistan having thousands of historical relations with each other.

You can’t change your neighbors, that must be applied to Baloch and Pashtuns states as well. Why we are overlooking the historical facts and believing on Pakistan which was never a neighbor neither a friend of the region. Baloch have never blown up your houses but always wished to build your home, shared the grief and pain with you but remains neglected.

Afghan Public’s positive gesture towards #FreeBalochistan

We are extremely glad that Afghan youth as compared to past decades, today they are best analyzers, they are closely observing the failure of their past decisions. We are optimistic that now they can guide their government and leadership towards right path. The Afghan youth is far educated, far well aware of the dirty plans of their common enemy (Pakistan) who let no stone unturned to destabilize the Afghan nation since day one.

Pakistan will not let Afghanistan to stand on its own feet because the ISI think if Afghanistan has become self-sufficient economically and have an independent foreign policy then Pakistan can’t impose its decisions on Afghan people.

Afghan youth must come forward and educate their people and entire world that a strong Afghanistan is only possible when its people will approach to their real neighbors like #Balochistan and #Pashtuns who shares common language, common culture, tradition and have parallel borders. Our borders are the symbol of peace, icon of protection for our people from Pakistan sponsored foreign aggression.

The day Afghanistan started recognizing the sovereign state of #Baloch and #Pashtun, the number of suicide bombers will dramatically decrease. Both the brotherly countries of Balochistan and Afghanistan are full of natural resources (gas, oil, iron, uranium, coal, gold, precious stones and a vast coastal belt with deep sea port #GWADAR). An independent Balochistan will be a game changer for the economy of Afghanistan.
Baloch national leader Hyrbyair Marri in his recent statement had offered Afghanistan to have free trade treaties with Afghanistan even prior to #FreeBalochistan. Now it is the responsibility of Afghan government to responds over his positive move to boost ties with Baloch because if genuine leadership of upcoming FreeBalochistan agrees to allow its sea, land and air for free trade to Afghanistan and for other Baloch friendly states that will be a great opportunity for the region particularly for Afghan economy. To reach on that treaty or make it happen, Afghanistan needs to turned that table in favor of Balochistan. The world needs to totally isolate Pakistan and help Baloch institutions and stop #BalochGenocide.

Balochistan is at war right now, the first priority of the world must be to give them weapons to protect its people, give them media exposure to highlight the state atrocities, and give them diplomatic, political and other support to reach out the world and represent the aspiration of Baloch nation on international platforms such as United Nations.

Some questions need answers

We have to observe the facts that why Afghanistan has failed to protect its national interests?
If Pakistan can be the proxy of Russia, USA and Saudi Arabia to conduct #Baloch and #Afghan genocide then why Afghanistan did not approach to its real neighbors to defeat or counter Pakistan’s proxies by working with Baloch leadership on mutual interests?
Why Afghanistan didn’t raise the issue that #ISIS operates within Pakistan, have safe sanctuaries but then why the mother of all bombs is thrown on Afghanistan?
If Pakistan can fund and provide weapons, diplomatic and all sort of support to #KashmiriHurryats then why India is not helping #Baloch the natural allay of her to defeat Pakistani extremism and terrorism?
If Pakistan can give weapons, safe havens, sanctuaries to #AlQaida#Taliban and #HakaniNetwork to destabilize Afghanistan and kill #NATO and #US forces then why #USA and #NATO are not supporting the #Balochistan national liberation struggle who’s people are also victim of Pakistan’s religious terrorism?

We have to see the root causes, the real problem in the region is the extremist ideology of Pakistan which is spreading like an epidemic worldwide. Today the world is going to impose sanctions on #Qatar saying she is helping extremist ideology to destabilize gulf countries but they are overlooking the fact that #Qatar is only providing money to these extremists but Pakistan is giving them ideology in Madrassas, providing them weapons, environment to be trained, brain washing them, supervising them for the terror attacks and facilitating the extremists to conduct suicide bombing across the world. In fact Pakistan has become the breading ground and factory of global terrorism. Why the world is not declaring Pakistan as terrorist home ground?

If the world continues ignoring the dirty role of Pakistan that will be huge blunder and world will face dire consequence of not taking action against Pakistani terrorism. To eradicate terrorism on permanent bases world must immediately declare Pakistan as mother of all terrorists.

Free Balochistan, a rare opportunity for a prosper Afghansitan

Lending full diplomatic, political, moral, military support to #FreeBalochistan Liberation struggle will lead the world into the corridor for peace because Balochistan having very important geographic and strategic position have highly vital role for durable peace and economic prosperity.

Afghan leadership must realize that the presidency or the governorship is not the future of their nation. Each Afghan individual whether that is a male or female, young or aged must work for the betterment of their country.

Today Afghanistan needs builders more than rulers. Resolve your tiny disputes at home. Same applies to the leadership and people of #OccupiedBalochistan. Pakistan is trying hard to create rift among the nations, make them busy fighting and internal conflicts by adopting the divide and rule policy of the British. We must not let #ISI to succeed dividing us. Baloch pro-freedom leadership is very serious and has rapidly been urging the world community to dismantle Pakistan from the #UN membership which proved herself as mother of all terrorists by sheltering and funding the world’s most wanted terrorist Usama Bin Laden, top Taliban and Hakani Network leadership in its army cantonments. The people of #Balochistan, #Afghanistan, #India, #USA needs to initiate people to people contact which will provide the opportunity to exchange ideas and build better relationship between them.

If the governments does not listen then it is the high responsible of the people/public of Afghanistan, India, Bangladesh and rest of the world to come out in support of #FreeBalochState because if you let Pakistan to grow its terror franchises that would be an irreparable loss to the world’s peace and stability because this time Pakistan equipped its proxies with tactical nuclear bombs.

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