An offer to lead the Islamic party of Afghanistan

An offer to lead the Islamic party of Afghanistan
The Mystery of the coalition of the Islamic party and the population of a dilemma

By: Mohamed Halim Tanvir

The subject of the Islamic party of Afghanistan with the population is one of the most complex contemporary political mystery in Afghanistan, after forty years of differences within the party between these two groups and severe differences in the fronts, martyrdom and killing of commanders and thousands of their fans, Temporary and the government formed inside Afghanistan, the differences of the nature of ạlby̰ny̰ and slogans and propaganda of the like, the constant nsẖrạt that still flow, the civil war of Kabul, which led to the death of sixty-Five Thousand Afghans, differences in the direction of Putting powers, possession of power in the hands of the population and supervisors, on the border of the ḵsẖạny̰ddn of the Islamic party in the coalition of the rebound and rabbani, the share of the mnṭqwy̰, creating differences using language and people, and hundreds of other things that Face. It will be a mystery that if such a coalition is faced, will it last? and will the Islamic party have a political point in this coalition? I want tips specifically.
When Hekmatyar wanted to come to Kabul, until the last opportunity and efforts were tried to get forward to the reconciliation of the Islamic party with the afghan government to Ashraf Ghani.
The Islamic party and hekmatyar, the leader of jihad came to Kabul, not tnhạạz v was not welcomed, but the population worked at the level of advertising and politics, and he was going to know the tạạw of his political rival The most popular people in the crowd to land the grunt of the supervisors.

Who is the end of the crowd?
After the martyrdom of master rabbani and massoud, the number of leadership of the population reached dozens of tons, and each has a unique way, not from a group and set.. the deals of these people are with their personal tastes and in differences with Each other in strife. The one thing in common is that they have to be the ones that are going to go on.
In such a state that the population of the population is not known as the strategy, nor is the leadership, not in the foreign and foreign policy, and all the work has been made of passion and taste, and in the direction of the deception of public minds and False tries to continue their power, coalition with such a collection that most people are accused of the opposite of work and their cases are available in the government and the international court of spore, the Islamic party with what people have been able to agree and with them coalition Does it?
Those who fit themselves at the leadership level of the crowd are from which social wjạht are in the current situation. This question should the Islamic party specifically answer the nation why and with what motivation, with what persons you coalition under the name of your population. The families who have been martyred and the whole nation who suffered forty years of war and tragedy in brạbrạy̰n coalition failed what ạntbạhy̰ of the Islamic party will have.؟

Why does the Islamic party always coalition with failed and frustrated groups?
Mbrhn is any group that is going to be in isolation, it will be in effort to save himself. The population has now been infamous and defeated among the nation, and the experience of forty years with this group and twenty years of their power in Kabul, created strange hatred among the nation, and to y̰qy̰y̰n that in the next election stage of Afghanistan not only they are not Afghanistan’s political should be thrown away. No more force culture and bullying gun and lndgẖry̰ in the future of Afghanistan. Why the Islamic party has eaten the deception of these people and still hand to the coalition of inauspicious.؟ let’s name the people who are acceptable for the future election? Mohamed Yunus Legal, ata Muhammad Noor, Saladin Rabbani, Ismail Khan, ạḥmdḍy̰ạ and Ahmed but masoud and Dr. Abdullah? We pass the other little people.
Why does the Islamic party always deal with the weak and defeated competitors of Afghanistan? What size above their words and actions should be counted? Does the Islamic party still want to play a political game like the period of Jihad with inauspicious coalition and point above the fate of Afghanistan The Islamic party has known less than the politics of national and global wạstrạty̰zẖy̰? Is it still the Islamic party with the thoughts of years ago the beginning of Jihad was not a computer and not a global mfḵwrh?

Islamic party in global politics
Since the coming of hekmatyar to Kabul, there were two different moves against the Islamic party of Afghanistan. A positive move to restore peace and development in Afghanistan that the Islamic party could play a fundamental role in this. The second of the people’s movement and the expectation of the nation from the leadership of the Islamic party is the to of the forces
America welcomed the reconciliation of the Islamic party, and the fields were favorable, so that it could play a key role by using national healthy and creating friendly relations, the Islamic party in Afghanistan’s politics. Why the party has not been able to have this role until the party has not yet been able to make it: One: or the Islamic party has not made a work capacity in the creation of the system, and on the national and international level so that it has [sighs] Perhaps the performance of some of the ạrạḵy̰n of the party has been ignored by an old political thought and the interests that are in personal relationships, or for personal interests and receiving less facilities, national interests and international Islamic party. In which the world of the world has been in conflict, and their withdrawal of the world’s political thought has changed, that this movement will cause the stance of the Islamic party. Second, the party should not be able to take its work like any other small arrangement that has been considered in the range of self-Regulatory Thoughts, specific range or family, but the future policy should be Afghanistan inclusion and beyond that at the international level in balance with Peace and initiative of national and international acts. If the outer countries are trying to destroy the goals of the Islamic party, the Islamic party knows that it has been in their adjustments of very high ṭrfy̰t and can make peace for the future elections and even the presidency. Today the Islamic party is all over Afghanistan and even outside the border of the are. The Capacity of their work has been determined, and in the state of government and government, the practical steps are removed. The Islamic party is consists and related to the whole nation. The Islamic party of the Islamic party is also considered that without ethnic prejudices, language and religious with ndy̰sẖh creating a religious – civil society with honesty and truthfully and serving people. The Nation of Afghanistan is also expected of the leadership of the Islamic party. Today the Islamic party must be the pattern of peace and thought and development in Afghanistan. Do not repeat the past unsuccessful experiences and put the coalition like the crowd to the trash.
The crowd saves its new coalition
The people of the population who are defeated by Afghanistan’s politics are now trying to restore stance, interests, positions and stabilization of their power in the coalition with the Islamic party. It is true that they are no longer in the world level of credit. But they don’t want the Islamic party to be proud. With this coalition of the Islamic party of the Islamic party, it has made it appear negative in public and international society, which makes the Islamic party in the rehabilitation of the future of Afghanistan in the row of the people and the non-accepted group and like the The population has been interactions with Russia and Iran in the past, and so far. Western countries to no. On Top of them trust and self-Reliance, and when the Islamic party is coalition with this frustrated group, it will be removed from the scene of Afghanistan’s
My pbsẖnhạd is to lead and the Executive Council of the Islamic party, so that it will not repeat the past and unsuccessful experiences. The arms of the Islamic party are open to the nation and the parties of the parties, and never harm their national and international stance in mstwạy̰. Because the gfthʾ is famous to test the test.
About the problems of the population set if I needed to release the separate article

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