An open letter to Behroz Khan Lala

Dear Behroz Khan!
Voa Dewa Radio,
Let me tell you that I am one of your fans who always tackle to manage time out of my busy schedule to listen Voice of America (VOA) Dewa radio programs just for you and Rehman Buneri. I have neither listened nor followed any radio channels in my entire life but I keenly listen yours on VOA Dewa radio. I respect you both for the way you highlights the sufferings of our poor Pashtun people and raise a voice against the imperialist Punjabi establishment for their atrocities against Pashtuns. But I want to share my opinion about your role in the ongoing tensions between two Pushtoon nationalist parties of Pakistan, Awami National Party (ANP) and Pukhtunkahawa Millia Awami Party (PkMAP).
It’s quite clear that the issue was between you and PkMAP workers. They were expecting it from you that being a Pashtun nationalist having a leading position in VOA Dewa radio, they would be given a good coverage from your radio channel for their recent conference in Islamabd (Pakistan). But, unfortunately, there was nothing about their conference in your radio channel transmissions. Actually they were not given their due and deserving importance and it seemed that PkMAP was intentionally neglected. Their complain is understandable as PkMAP is one of the main and national level Pukhtoon nationalist political party working for the rights of Pushtoons in Pakistan under the leadership of Mahmood Khan Achakzai. As, VOA Dewa radio channel have its broadcasting for Pakistani Pukhtoons, having its transmission in Pashto language regularly covering all aspects of Paksitani Pukhtoons from politics to culture. So, their complaints against VOA Dewa and specially from you cannot be seen as illogical. Moreover, Awami National Party (ANP) which is another main national level Pukhtoon nationalist party of Pakistan leading by the grandson of Khan Abdul Ghafar Khan, AsfandYar Wali Khan, was given full coverage for their political gathering in the same Islamabad some days before PkMAP conference. As both parties have a different stance on many issues and specially different approach to the ongoing mainstreaming debate of Pakistan Federaly Administered Tribal Areas (FATA) where you and your other colleagues are supporting ANP stance, so their grievances from VOA Dewa radio also gets more rational.
Contrary to this, your behaviour ignited the anger of the PkMAP workers when you mocked Mahmood Khan Achakzai publicly on your Facebook wall by posting
د چترالہ تر بولانہ
ویشہ ویشہ پلانکی خانہ
which is actually a slogan of Achakzai as he always repeats in his speeches
د چترالہ تر بولانہ​
زما پختونستانہ
This prepared all grounds for this ongoing conflict between these two parties where you provoked PkMAP workers by this post. ANP people, being rivals to PkMAP, take advantage of this squabble, took your side in the character assassination of Achakzai although they had nothing to do with it.
Now, it’s not just a personal issue between you or PkMAP workers but actually this matter concerns all Pakistani Pashtun nationalists who are divided into two parties, ANP and PkMAP. Similarly all those others as well who don’t have any party affiliations with these two parties but feeling pain for the sufferings of Pashtuns, disturbed by Pashtun nation plight in Pakistan due to their sufferings and miseries by the hands of imperialist Punjabi military establishment. It is because as this issue is causing more cleavages and hatred between Pashtun nationalists which is fatal for the unity and struggle of Pashtuns in Pakistan.
I think being a journalist one should always try to be neutral, putting aside his political and all other feelings and affiliations. That’s why I feel that your irresponsible behaviour (sorry to say) might be an ignition for this ongoing conflict between Pakistani Pukhtoon nationalist which is unexpected from you for your fans like me.
Ibn Sayyed

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