Angelina Jolie says women’s rights must be protected in intra-Afghan talks

Academy Award-winning actress and refugee activist Angelina Jolie pushed for the inclusion of women in peace talks to end the conflict in Afghanistan as she said ‘peace gained at the price of the rights of women is no peace at all’.

In her statement on the international women day, Jolie asked all governments, including the United States, should insist on the inclusion of women in the next stage of the peace talks
“World should make clear that they will not support a peace agreement that undermines Afghan women’s rights or calls into question the country’s democratic institutions,” Jolie said.

Peace talks between US and Taliban officials have culminated into a deal on February 29. The Taliban have committed that women will have rights and freedom under Islamic teachings. However, Afghan women fear the freedoms eked out since US-backed Afghan forces overthrew the Taliban in 2001 could slide backward, and complain their voices are being sidelined in the peace process. Jolie also said that Afghan women’s hard-won rights and freedom hanging in balance.

“We must continue to press the administration to honor its promise to protect women during the intra-Talks,” the activist stressed. “Throughout International Women’s Day, my thoughts have been with the Afghans women  whose hard-won rights and freedom are hanging in the balance.”

She said they everyone wants to see peace in Afghanistan but peace gained at the price of the rights of women is no peace at all It would be a betrayal of the huge sacrifices made by the Afghan people and security forces and by many brave international servicemen and women.

“Everyone who considers themselves part of the international women’s rights movement will show their solidarity and support for Afghan women,” Jolie expressed the hope. “Countless Afghan women have risked — and lost — their lives to win greater freedom for their countrymen and women. They must not be forgotten or left to stand alone during this crucial period in their country’s history.”

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