By: Fahim Nazmi -Trump can win the war in Afghanistan,

Trump can win the war in Afghanistan, provided he mobolizes the tribes on both sides of the Durand-line and over throw the present status quo, by curving out the Afghan historical land of Tribal and Baluchestan restoring it back to Afghanistan as its sovereign territory and thus ensure freedom of the Pashtun and Baluch and US resupply line by seizing Gowader port. In other words the strategic condition on the ground must change and harsh realities need to be embraced and tough decisions of radical nature is required on the US part, If they really want to deal with Pakistan. Counter the Talibanism and terrorism with National freedom movements of the Pashtun and Baluchis as a real option, If terrorism is to be destroyed and peace and stability restored in the region.i The Bush administration gave Pakistan $12.4 billion in aid, and the Obama administration forked over $21 billion. These incentives did not make Pakistan more amenable to cutting off support for the Afghan Taliban. The U.S. cannot win in Afghanistan as long as Pakistan controls the resupply of US troops and regulates the battle tempo through its support of the Taliban, the Haqqani network and the other Islamic terrorist groups it nurtures. And make no mistake, Pakistan does not want the U.S. to win because it views Afghanistan as a client state.

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