The paradigm of neutrality is an irrelevant notion-By: Faheem Nazimi

Afghanistan is engaged in a bloody war against international terrorists composed of several entities that come from regional countries with their country specific agenda or global one trying to use Afghanistan as their safe haven and spring board to peruse their objectives in their own countries. There is an entity of terror which is Afghanistan-specific, and that is Taliban sponsored by Pakistan and Arabic states in the region. They are waging a destructive proxy war against their own country apparently in the hope of defeating Kabul to reinstate their old paradigm of so called sharia law. Their radical views on Islam are not acceptable by the majority of Afghanistan. This irreconcilable war of ideologies between the moderate rationalists moslems and the extremists can only be resolved to defeat one or the other to the finish. International supporters are taking sides with the notions, one benign and the other threatening the security of the region and the world, let alone Afghanistan. The situation is too complex to embrace any one easy solution like the of notion of neutrality. The idea of neutrality does not come to mind even as a tool of politics to be of any remedy or ballast. We are dealing with a different situation here, global terrorism has been imposed on us that is being vividly and openly supported by state sponsored terrorist, rogue country such as Pakistan. Pakistan being the well-spring of terrorism has unleashed waves of terrorist fanatical, Islamist, fundamentalists, wahabists, Salafist, Talibanists etc. blood thirsty evils in several echelons to secure bases in Afghanistan. Afghanistan’s state and its allies are faced with no other choices but to stop this relentless destructive process that has taken a toll on every body. That is the threshold and the world must decide on what side of the line they are? Afghanistan, therefore cannot be neutral. Neutrality in what sense? It instead needs regional and global support and a common strategy in the fight against global evils and the brutality of unseen nature. There is no other solution but to defeat these evils in the battlefield and get rid of them once and for all. Afghanistan’s allies must be prepared to defeat their common enemy too. Neutrality is not coming in to it. It is absolutely irrelevant.

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