Who cares about International law – By: Hadi Rodwal

It’s unbelievable to see how many norms of International law, especially prohibition on the use of force and human rights law are extensively violated. Some states even don’t care they act as if the International law applies to other countries but not to itself.

International law is suffering as a whole, there is no recognized body to legislate or create laws, neither a hierarchy of courts with compulsory jurisdiction to settle disagreements over such laws and an accepted system of enforcing those laws.

How can we have stability in the world when there is no legislature, judiciary, and executive. The United Nations General Assembly consist representatives from all the U.N member states, but it is resolution are not legally binding save for some of the U.N organs for some reasons. Some powerful states can do almost whatever they wish to without being held accountable because there is no system of the court that can hold a state accountable for their illegal doings. The International Court of justice is a hopeless idea it is not effective as it supposed to be, ICJ is only work on cases when both parties agree to it. In addition to all this, there is no executive or even governing entity. The U.N Security Council, which supposed to have such a role in a sense is suffering because of the veto right of the five permanent countries such as the USA, Russia, China, and England.

So when there is no universally recognized and accepted institution to establish, clarify or even punish those states who have violated International laws, how can we call it law at all? After the world war II The United States of America used to be one of the greatest supporter of the notion of U.N. But yet, when there is the issue of waging war, or launching a military strike, more and more the government official and military personnel of the United States is acting in a way that if International law applies to others states but not to themselves.

I believe if every state continues to move forward with their stubborn and selfish interests as they do today, it is not far that the entire International legal system as a whole will suffer. Countries need to give some of its state sovereignty in order to establish an independent institution able to determine the issues and actually make final decision to maintain international Peace, and stability.

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