Why envy US and its allies in Afghanistan. By: Faheem Nazimi

May 20, 2018

Afghanistan and its allies must be supported by the big powers in the region as Afghanistan and its allies are fighting on their behalves, a state sponsored terrorism, that is posing a serious threat to the region. Pakistan security agencies in an effort to maintain its strategic depth and dominance in Afghanistan have used terror groups as proxies to keep the country unstable and weak.

Pakistan has burned their bridges too much to drop its puppet Taliban and trust Afghanistan rising above its current vulnerabilities. Besides, Gen. Zia, the former president of Pakistan is on record for having dreamt of Pakistan’s domination of central Asia. The US is here to disabuse Pakistan of its maligned hope and help Afghanistan rise above its current vulnerabilities to achieve the capabilities to challenge Pakistan. Pakistan has done everything possible to destabilize Afghanistan. The imposition of the “Durand Line” and the splitting of the Pashtun tribe into two, the occupation of the Pashtun land by Pakistan and its perpetuation in the 21st century is not acceptable for no body. Pakistan has done everything possible to preserve the status quo, not allowing a strong government in Afghanistan, capable of challenging the illegality of the occupation of the Pashtun land and the validity of the existing border, assisting its proxies set up the government in Kabul and limiting the influence of countries like the U.S, Russia or India, which could pose a challenge to its domination .

As long as this demarcation, which was initially drawn to satisfy colonial whims rather than as an international border, is given sanctity by the international community, Pakistan will continue to play its own ‘great game’ in this area, even if it is at the cost of peace in the region. Total withdrawal of the US from Afghanistan may sound compatible with the Afghan mind set, however it will be a total disaster and annihilation of the Afghan national Identity and death for Afghanistan and total defeat of democratic forces in this part of the world.

On the contrary, the stability of Afghanistan guarantees the stability of the region including Russia and China. It will play in favor of Russia and China to join hand hands without any delay with Afghan government and the US in curbing terrorism to uproot the menace in Afghanistan before it spreads out to their countries. This is in fact their moral obligation too. They must stop being envious of the US and its allies for doing their job with their treasure and blood. Instead they must join in and help out Afghanistan.

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