With reference to yesterday’s demonstrations By: Faheem Nazimi

No wonder why I could predict this and it happens.
This is the manifestation of the Cultural Marxism’s Critical theory impact what is also called Cultural terrorism including sexual revolution which is the dominant culture in the West and the US. It is based on new Marxist ideas aimed at the destruction of Capitalism and its Christians and national values in an effort to replace it with socialism/collectivism through culture and erosion of faith and patriotism and the Nation and its political structure in the long run. Antonio Gramsci believed that the workers of the world will only unite once the Long March through cultural institution is over. Marx himself also believed in the destruction of the family, private property, religion and the nation.

By attacking the family unit, the cultural Marxist knew it will eventually destroy the middle class of the US. Because the family unit is the basic building block of the middle class. Destroy the middle class, you eventually destroy the economic engine of the US. Destroy the economic engine of the US and its political structure built on capitalism and the Constitution crumbles.The US and Europe have undergone what we call a cultural, moral, and religious revolution. A militant secularism has a rise in these countries. In addition, it always had a hold on intellectuals, academic elites. Since 1960, this trend has captured the young students in the universities, and colleges, thus led to Great War that has begun, if you will, nationally in these countries. Since then, secularism has really achieved dominance in the academic, intellectual, and educational communities.

The truth of the matter is that the Conservatives won the cold war with political and economic communism, but lost the cultural war with cultural Marxism. This militant anti-religion, anti-God, anti-traditionalist revolution and the sexual revolution is pretty much to do with it and how people live is very dominant. It is on this basis of the Great War that counters cultural Marxism that we are undergoing. These countries are in fact now divided into two culturally, morally, socially, and theologically.

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