By: Faheem Nazimi -Bed Sherman owes Afghans apology

Faheem Nazimi

September 9,2017
Bed Sherman has made some irresponsible remarks about the Status of the Duran-line.He is contradicting the democratic principles of liberal democracy in an effort to legitimatise the colonial travesty of the 21st century. He is unwittingly taking sides with Pakistan that harbours the world 20 most lethal and notorious terrorist groups US designate in the country. Pakistan unleashes hundreds of dangerous terrorists groups on Afghanistan to kill Afghans and American alike. He should be ashamed of himself for abusing his own status and position as US senator. Such lousy remarks will alienate the the Afghan nation for under mining their cause of irredentism. I suggest he steadies a bit about the history and culture of the Afghan nation and its people. He seems like an ignorant person under the Pakistani influence and possibly stooge. The people of Afghanistan strongly condemn his remarks as utterly nonsense and warn him to either shut up or follow the path of his European counterpart Czarnecky who has called for the overthrow of the Durand-line’ . It is time that hard decisions are taken, and the historical mistake known as the Durand Line is set right’,Czarnecki warns that Pakistan will continue to interfere and destabilize areas across the Durand Line, with the objective of retaining control over it as it borders Afghanistan.
He suggests that there is an immediate need for the west to take a hard look at this artificial border, and restore the natural and historical frontier between these two countries for the sake of peace in the region.
“Balochistan and portions of the Pashtun-dominated tribal areas of Pakistan that were forcefully taken away and merged into British India need to be restored to their earlier status as the sovereign territory of Afghanistan,” Czarnecky said. Bed Sherman owes Afghans an apology for making such a blunder.

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