Call for help – By: Faheem Nazimi

6th June 2018

Following is the list of the wounded and dead of the innocent, defenseless FATA tribal community civilians following Pakistani brutal attack on the 3rd and 4th of June 2018 in WANA and ANGOR ADDA SOUTH WAZIRISTAN.
The genocide was committed by Pakistani military on 3rd of June 2018 by Pakistani military at WANA, South Waziristan. What has happened to conscience of the world community? Where are the human rights defenders? Are you dead? Why is that everybody is turning a blind eye to these atrocities and bloodshed and massive crime committed and carried out by Pakistani army and its establishment. Why is the UN ignoring the Pashtun communities in FATA and across the Pashtun homeland. The Pashtuns are systematically killed and massacred in the 21st century the age of social media everyone can see and hear the cries and agony of the victims in the palm of their hands. What is this hypocrisy and total ignorance on the part of the civilized world, the human rights activists and human rights observers. Not even a single statement of objection or protest is seen so far. Hell with you all! How could you ignore the massive Pashtun Protection Movement and its outcry for peace and justice? Common! wake up!. What a pity! Here innocent civilians are killed, and brutalized. They are bleeding. They need humanitarian assistance and international protection from the Pakistani military beasts. They are calling out for help. They are in dire straight for UN peacekeeping force to rescue them from more ongoing onslaught. So please help.
1) Abdul Khaliq
2) Sanaullah
3) Saifulla
4) Dakan
5) Ahsanulla
6) Arif Khan
7) Noorashed son of Sharif from Gangikhail tribe
8) Noor Ali son of Shah Mohammad
9) Zarinulla son of Awal Khan
10) Urfan son of Abdul wudood
11) Wahid son of Sital
12) Khalid son of Shabir
13) Mohamad jan
14) Aslam jawed son of Khan
15) Omran son of Pirmala khan
16) Mohammad Aslam son of Mozik
17) Sahib jan son of talabjan
18) Firoz son of Abdul karim
19) Omar hayat son of Khan Nawaz
20) Nawaz sahil son of Shah Jahan
21) Juma gul son of Razi Khan
22) Amanulla son of Ramdel
23) Yunus son of Maruf khan
24) Anwar khan son of Kula khan
25) Mohammad hasan son of Noor Mohammad
26) Hisamudin son of Mirkhan
27) Amjad son of Shahusain
28) Alahusain son of sayed wali
29) Rayhan son of Qismat
30) Asif son of Padshah jan
31) Khan son of Sardar
32) Yaqub son of Sayed ahmad
33) Shahabudin son of Durzai
34) Hanzala
35) Mahmud
36) Amanullah
37) Arif
38) Asim
39) Abdul Khaliq son of Jumazai
40) Khalyd son of sudir,
41) Yunus son of Shadi khan
42) Hafizul Rahman
43) Fateh son of Sadu Khan
44) Mohammad khan son of Bismullah
List of dead and wounded by Pakistani military on 4th June 2018:
One activist was killed and the following were wounded:
1. Sadequllah s/o Pir mala khan
2. Hameedullah s/o Hayatullah
3. Ajab khan
4. Abdul Aziz However, the list is incomplete .

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