Coronavirus outbreak: With 5 new positive cases, Afghanistan’s tally rises to 16

Five new positive coronavirus cases have been reported in Afghanistan–4 in Herat and 1 in Daikundi provinces- Wahidullah Mayar, a spokesman for the Ministry of Public Health said in a statement on Sunday. 

“The toll of confirmed positive cases in Afghanistan climbed to 16, Mayar’s statement added.

The government has allocated $25 million and will provide 50000 testing kits to the health ministry and if required will ask for international help against the coronavirus.

The novel coronavirus has shaken global economies and infected tens of thousands of people around the world. Though the condition is so far not out of control in Afghanistan as it shares a border with China and Iran, therefore, efforts are being made to cope with any emergencies. As from Iran, on a daily basis, some 15000 refugees used to return to Afghanistan creating a risk of transferring the virus.

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