CPEC is far dangerous than Pakistani NUKES- By: Sobdar Baluch

Baloch Liberation Army (BLA) has own the killing of 10 personnel of Frontier Workers Organization (FWO) a Pakistan China army backed project. BLA, Baloch Liberation Front and Baloch Republican Army had already warned the civilian population and laborers not work in CPEC projects. The prior warning to the public is to avoid civilian casualties.

The CPEC which Baloch entire nation termed as a destruction project of Pakistan and China. This project being backed and financed by Pakistan and Chinese army engineers. Both the invasion forces are coordinating very closely militarily and on governments level to turn the Baloch nation into minority after ethnic cleansing of Baloch nation. Pakistan and China has a very dirty planes to settle millions of Panjabis and Chinese into Balochistan.

The presence of Chinese troops in occupied Balochistan is not only a threat for the existance of Balochistan but it also is a direct threat to the world’s peace and regional stability. Pakistan has 200 nukes on ground but China open heartedly helping Pakistan’s military capacity to build more tactical nuclear weapons to claim its hegemony on Baloch ocean (GWADAR).

China has started a naval base in Gwadar without the wishes of entire Baloch nation. CPEC is an unlawful project and Baloch freedom fighters unanimously announce to defeat this exploitation design of Pakistan and China.

This project and is a civil project neither this will benefit the Baloch nation. Pakistan and Chinese intelligence agencies have abducted more then 30000 Baloch and killed tens of thousands in custody.

Pakistani Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif while misleading the world community in Beijing said CPEC is not only a development project but it will also help to curb the regional terrorism.

Now question arises, that since the CPEC is launched 20000 Baloch from all sphere of life had been abducted by the Pakistani secret agency ISI , Frontier Corps and Pakistan army’s local death squads. Bombing on Baloch villages has become a daily routine. Baloch peasants, farmers are not spared. Harvested crops are being burnt to ashes, cattle are being killed during the artillery shelling and by air strikes. Students, Teachers, intellectuals, poets, and elders are being picked up on broad day light.

A full fledged military offensive is underway on CPEC routes, local population is forced to leave the area to migrate.

We urge the #Russia, #Turkey #Iran and other regional state not to indulge in Pakistani exploitation design and refrain yourself from being part of Pak-China nexuses.

Baloch call its neighboring countries like #Afghanistan, #India ,democratic countries like #USA #UK and other Earupeon countries to come forward to support #FreeBalochistan‘s legitimate struggle for independence.

Yesterday the world kept silent of Pakistani islamic nuclear bombs today she has more then 200 tactical bombs which will be provided by the extremists to target world.

If the world once again kept silent on Pak-China nexus in occupied Balochistan and CPEC is left complete then Pakistan will be able launch nuclear offensives against #USA #India #Afghanistan and its extremists will be able to hit any corner of the world.

CPEC is far danger then Pakistani nuclear bombs because then Pakistan and China will be able to high jack economy of the wold. Pakistani nukes will be deployed in Gwadar. Balochistan being the gate way of world’s economy, Pakistan will turn Balochistan as gate way for its nukes to easily target any base of USA, India and entire gulf will be on the Pakistani nukes. In simple words, CPEC is becoming a huge risk for the world’s peace. The world has very short span of time, to disperse Pakistan China terror plots, this is responsible of every individual in the world to come forward in support of Free Balochistan to save the world’s peace.

Together we can defeat Pak-China economic terrorism and extremism in the region.

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