Democrats and Republicans agree to vote on duelling bills in push to end shutdown

McConnell said Democrats should support his bill to reopen the government and provide wall funding as Pelosi called it a ‘nonstarter’

Representatives for some of the country’s largest immigrant rights groups aren’t mincing words – they say the latest Republican border proposal is “a trojan horse of poison pills.”

A coalition of advocates sent out their summary of the impact such a bill would have on immigrants.

Greg Chen, director of government relations at the American Immigration Lawyers Association (AILA):

The President feigned concern for children and families seeking asylum from Central America, but this bill will bring to an end asylum for all minors from Honduras, El Salvador and Guatemala arriving at the US border. This historic change in asylum law would categorically block tens of thousands of children from ever applying for asylum. The only path the bill provides for these Central American children is a sham program limited to 15,000 children each year—a fraction of those in need.

Royce Murray, managing director of programs at the American Immigration Council:

For TPS holders, the proposal offers little relief to too few and makes it unreasonably hard to access. It would create a labyrinth of legal hurdles to seek “provisional presence” and charge exorbitant new fees to apply. It also makes dramatic changes to the future of the TPS program, risking deportation to disaster for anyone who is undocumented when their home country undergoes a crisis.

Patrice Lawrence, national policy and advocacy director at the UndocuBlack Network said:

This deal is not a deal. It is an extortion agreement or ransom note. TPS communities have continued to emphasize the importance of not harming themselves, their families or members of their extended community with any kind of immigration package. We cannot accept anything less than a deal that leads to a permanent path to citizenship for TPS holders. This deal leaves out all the African countries, all the black constituents who have TPS. This is not a deal, this is a sham.


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