Ghani congratulates new year to the Afghan nation, urges unity for bringing peace

President Ashraf Ghani, in a recorded video message, on Thursday evening wished the country a happy solar new year and called for the unity to achieve peace, also hope the new year to be a year of peace, security, and prosperity.

Ghani said the government dubs 1399 the “year of unity and reform.” “Now that we are hopeful for peace more than ever, there is a need for unity more than ever,” Ghani said.

“Peace requires unity and cooperation from all of us,” he said. “Therefore, real peace and stability require us to be more serious in reforms.”

Ghani said corruption is a great challenge to our country, the same as the war. “Bringing reform and making it successful requires joining hands together and not staying stuck in the past, but moving forward together towards a brighter future,” he said.

Referring to the current political scenario, Ghani urged all politicians to come together to overcome the crisis. “The country’s political elites should join hands together and move forward towards implementing the wishes and demands of the people of Afghanistan, who are the real owners of this land,” Ghani said.

Ghani also stressed that the new year gatherings must not attract crowds as the coronavirus is spreading very speedily saying,” We can celebrate the new year by planting a sapling, cleaning a road, saving a tree, watering agricultural land, and in many other ways.”

He called on parents to pay attention to their children’s education at home, as schools are closed countrywide for a month over the coronavirus.

“As you are aware, schools will be closed until the end of Hamal (April 18) over the coronavirus. We call on families to encourage their children in these days to not waste their time and continue their studies at home,” he said.

The First Lady Rula Ghani also sent a message to the people on the solar new year and said she wishes that the country could be able to overcome the health crisis of coronavirus in the near future.

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