Ghani orders merge of state-owned enterprises to establish a development corporation

President Ghani signed a decree ordering the merge of state-owned enterprises to establish a single corporation naming ‘National Development Corporation’.

The ordinance document indicates that the President has ordered the merging of eight state-owned enterprises to incorporate a national development corporation.

The enterprises mentioned to be merged are Housing Construction Enterprise, Banahi Construction Enterprise, Afghani Construction Enterprise, Helmand Construction Enterprise, Ghori and Jabal Saraj cement production enterprises, Food Enterprise and Nangarhar Wadi Agricultural Enterprise.

Ghani has appointed Abdul Rahman Attash as the CEO of the ‘National Development Corporation’ and he has been authorized to attend the cabinet and high council meetings chaired by the President.

According to the decree, the aim of creating a new corporation is said to be the coherence and implementation of the national projects in a better way.

The Ministry of Finance is tasked to transfer the new corporation’s initial investment funds within the next 60 days and the Administrative Office of President will fund the corporation until it gets the initial investment funds, said in the decree.

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