Hyrbyair Marri greets Afghan people on their Independence Day

My greetings to people of Afghanistan and Afghan diaspora I would like to congratulate you and wish you a very happy Independence Day. The day is not far when we, the Baloch, will also celebrate the Independence Day of Balochistan without the fear of being tortured, picked up and disappeared even murdered for celebrating our national days. You are lucky that you have an independent country but a part of Afghanistan on the other side of Durand Line is still under occupation of Punjabistan and unfortunately majority of Pashtuns on the other side of Durand Line has accepted this ugly reality that they are Pakistani. The Baloch and Afghans, especially, the Pashtun nationalists under Pakistan’s occupation should understand the real consequences of Durand Line and the main cause of destabilisation in Afghanistan and unite to struggle against the unnatural state of Pakistan. The artificial line was drawn against the will of Afghans and the Baloch that’s why we have never accepted it as an international boundary.

In July 1949, the Afghan ruler Zahir Shah held a Loya Jirga ‘Grand Assembly’ of Afghan People which unanimously declared that it recognised “neither the imaginary Durand Line nor any similar lines” and that all previous agreements along with the Durand Line were null and void. All these artificial Lines drawn in our land were imposed upon our nation. So, they have got no legal importance. The Afghans and the Baloch should revive their hundreds of years old treaties and like ASEAN countries and the European Union; we should expand our treaties of unity to other nations. So, that Afghanistan and Balochistan can become an example of peace, prosperity, and stability in the region. We should have treaties like those between Khan Noori Naseer Khan and Ahmad Shah baba. About two centuries back our leaders had respect for each other’s nation and we should respect their vision and continue their tradition of mutual respect. It can help us to resolve our minor internal problems peacefully. We are two brotherly nations and we should not allow the Pakistani Punjabis to make us fight each other. Our focus should be freedom from the yoke of Punjabi and end their interference in our countries.

The Pashtuns living under the occupation Pakistan should establish brotherly relations with Baloch nations and unify their collective power against the occupying state of Pakistan rather calling themselves Pakistani. When you have such a proud and rich history of your own why take an artificial identity impose on you by Punjabi. If they join their motherland Afghanistan that will make them no less Muslims than Pakistani Punjabis. Why, if someone accepts and takes this artificial name calling himself Pakistani would they be more Muslims than an Afghan? Today Pakistan is wiping out the cream of our societies, our most educated and learned youth are being killed under different pretexts and vicious tactics. Our universities, schools and courts and hospitals are being attacked deliberately to deprive us of our educated youth. Whether it is the brutal murder of Mashal Khan, the attack on Kabul University or Civil Hospital Quetta where hundreds of Baloch and Pasthun lawyers were killed. It is a repetition of the history of the genocide of Bangladeshis. Pakistan used its religious proxies against people Bangladesh during their war of liberation, and still are employing the same tactics of sending hired and extremists in Afghanistan and Balochistan to eliminate the intellectual and educated people of both nations. Even today as we speak, Pakistani forces are busy conducting military attacks against Baloch people across Balochistan.

They are using heavy weaponry and gunship helicopters to bomb villages where hundreds of innocent people are being killed. In their changing terror tactics, the Pakistani forces have now started abducting Baloch women and children as bargaining chips. Just a few days back many Pashtuns have also been abducted from Harnai and Degari regions of Balochistan alongside Baloch men, women and children, only because they are neighbours of Baloch. The only solution to rid ourselves of Pakistani Punjabi hegemony is that Afghans and the Baloch on both sides of ‘the curse’ which called Durand line should unite and stand shoulder to shoulder with each other to thwart the conspiracies and evil designs of Pakistan and its criminal proxies.

Long live Afghan Baloch Unity Thank you Hyrbyair Marri Faiz M Baluch, a member of Free Balochistan Movement, read this message on behalf of Hyrbyair Marri on Afghanistan’s Independence Day in London.

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