Hyrbyair Marri while commenting on a video

Baloch national leader Hyrbyair Marri while commenting on a video where Pakistan army forcing Pashtun laborers to kiss Pakistani flag on #DurandLine in Chaman. Mr.Marri said that Patriotic people kiss their countries’ flag out of respect and kiss religious symbols and other objects to pay respect and show their love. Pakistan’s flag was invented by a political party All India Muslim League.

Muslim League was founded soon after a delegation of Indian Muslims met Lord Minto, Viceroy of India, in 1906. The party in its founding conference stated its goal and main objective “to foster a sense of loyalty to the British government among the Muslims of India”.

The Pakistani flag was inspired by the Muslim League’s flag, a party which was nothing but a stooge of the British Empire in India. Also, historically most of the Indians converted to Islam by force when Muslims conquered India. Some Indians converted to Islam to be exempted from jizya, a compulsory tax paid by non-Muslims to the Muslim ruler.

Those people who helped British Empire in 1857 to suppress the First Indian War of Independence and later made Pakistan were the descendants of those early Indian Muslims who choose Islam for financial benefits and to avoid levy imposed by Muslim rulers. That’s the reason, why we still see inferior complexity among Pakistani Muslim Punjabis (PMP) who are still struggling with an identity crisis.

They think they can force nations to change their loyalty or buy people with financial incentives as their forefathers did when they converted. Also, they oppress the weakest and submit to the powerful. Throughout history they oppressed the weakest and submitted to the powerful, they helped British Empire to oppress their fellow Indians during the colonisation, betrayed their own country India and divided their motherland, and after making Pakistan they have been oppressing and invading the weaker Muslim nations like Balochistan and Afghanistan.

This video surfaced a few weeks ago which shows that Pakistan Army personnel forcing Afghan labourers on the border crossing of Afghanistan-Pakistan to kiss Pakistani flag. A flag which has no worth, which was invented by the people who were loyal to the occupiers of their motherland. Would Pakistan Army now apply the same rules on Afghan officials when they cross the border and force them to kiss their flag? Or is it just for poor Afghan labourers who are struggling to make a living?

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