If US leaves Afghanistan 9/11 can happen once again: Graham

US Senator Lindsey Graham in an interview with Fox News on Saturday warned that American troops’ withdrawal from Afghanistan would lead to “another 9/11”, saying that America cannot “outsource” its national security to the Taliban.

“If we left tomorrow, the Taliban cannot be trusted to take care of ISIS and Al Qaeda,” Graham told chief intelligence correspondent Catherine Herridge. “They don’t have the capability. So when you ask our intelligence community…what would happen to America if we withdrew all of our forces. They tell us without any hesitation it would lead to another 9/11 in a matter of time.”Graham furthered.

Graham issued a similar warning ahead of US President Donald Trump meeting with his security advisors last month where they discussed issues around a possible peace deal with the Taliban – the militant group which is seeking the withdrawal of all US forces from Afghanistan in exchange for ceasefire and intra-Afghan negotiations, however, Graham said if they [Americans] leave tomorrow, the Taliban cannot be trusted to take care of ISIS [Daesh] and al-Qaeda.

When it comes to the US  pullout from Afghanistan, its top military and political leadership appears divided as Donald Trump wants withdrawal yet at the same time his exit plan is called a biggest mistake. Yet despite that Trump looks adamant on his exit plan and this is believed the US and the Taliban will ink a peace deal very soon. The ninth round of the negotiations between the US and the Taliban on Saturday completed its third day with progress on a complete pullout of foreign troops within 15 to 20 months in return for the Taliban promising to ensure that Afghanistan does not become a haven for terrorists and Al Qaeda.

Trump met last week with his top security officials about the way forward in Afghanistan. “Just completed a very good meeting on Afghanistan,” the president tweeted afterward.

But Graham says that the Taliban do not have the capacity to remove the terror group, and said he had been briefed by General Austin “Scott” Miller that the Afghan version of ISIS, ISIS-K, is also trying to set up operations against America and are perhaps more lethal than Al Qaeda. “It would be insane to outsource our national security to the Taliban when it comes to ISIS,” he said.

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