Iran has given Taliban anti-aircraft missiles: Sources

Iran has given anti-aircraft missiles to Taliban group amid soaring tensions between Washington and Tehran over regional issues that led to the killing of a top Iranian general in Iraq few weeks ago.

Reports regarding the delivery of anti-aircraft missiles to Taliban by Iran emerge as numerous Afghan and American planes faced crashes, hard-landings and emergency landings in the restive parts of the country.

While no definitive proof exists in this regard, the acting police chief of Uruzgan Sardar Mohammad Haya has told Radio Free Afghanistan “Iran has given the Taliban anti-aircraft missiles so that they can better target our aircrafts.”

Hayar further added “Numerous [recent] intelligence reports based on various sources detail this support.”

This comes as Washington has repeatedly been accusing Iran of supporting the militant groups in the Middle East and Afghanistan.

“Iran provides a range of financial, political, training and material support to groups which would include Hezbollah, Iraqi Shia militant groups, the Houthis in Yemen, some Palestinian groups, the Taliban and Bahraini Shia militants,” the Department of Defense said in a statement late in November last year.

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