Kabul slams Pakistan’s ISI highhandedness against Afghan Ambassador

Violating diplomatic immunity and norms, Pakistan’s notorious, ubiqeutous, and premier intelligence agency, ISI, did highhandedness and misconduct with Afghanistan’s Ambassador to Islamabad Atif Mashal. 

The Pakistani Embassy in Kabul announced closure of its consular section on Monday for an indefinite period due to alleged safety and harassment of its diplomatic staffers.

Foreign ministry said it will probe into Pakistan’s allegations that its diplomatic personnel are being harrassed.

Yet the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MoFA) protested the summoning of the Afghan Ambassador to Islamabad, Atif Mashal, by Pakistan’s intelligence agency over this issue and raised objections at the intelligence agency’s misconduct with the diplomat.

MoFA said that Afghan ambassador was summoned by Pakistani intelligence, however, Islamabad said that the Afghan charge d’affaires was summoned not the Ambassador.

Pakistan’s embassy said Sunday it will close consular services to applicants in Kabul over alleged harrasment of the embassy staffers by unknown individuals.

A press statement issued by the embassy on Sunday said that owing to security reasons, the consular section of the embassy of Pakistan in Kabul will be closed from tomorrow, [Monday], November 4, for an indefinite time [further order].

The statement qouted Pakistani Foreign Office saying that the Afghan charge d’affaires was summoned and informed that officers and staff of the Pakistani embassy were being harassed over the past few days.

The statement added the embassy [Pakistani] staffers were intercepted on the road and their vehicles were hit by motorcycles on their way to the embassy. MoFA issued a statement and condemned the alleged act of harrasment and said they will probe into the incident.

However, it also showed  concerns over the summoning of the Afghan Ambassador Atif  Mashal by Pakistan’s Inter-Service Intelligence (ISI) and the misconduct of the agency’s personnel.

The statement said Afghanistan considers it a blatant act of violation of diplomatic norms and principles. The statement furtheres that Afghanistan, once again calls on Pakistani to align its diplomatic relations with Kabul in compliance with international conventions and accepted diplomatic norms.

The MoFA said the security concerns of Pakistan which led to closure of its consulate section in Kabul, the Afghan government “shall seriously investigate this claim and provide assurance that the government of Afghanistan is committed to providing safety to diplomats of Pakistan, and as well as other diplomats in the country.

The closure of the consular section affects thousands of visa applicants which not only affect trade and business ties between the two neighboring states but it also purturbs Afghan patients who want to get visa for medical purposes as Pakistan is the first and India is que second frequently visited country by Afghan citizens for medical services.

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