Last chance for Pakistan

The High Council of Afghanistan’s government has traveled to Pakistan. Mohammad Hanif Atmar, the secretary of National Security, is the secretary of the interior, and the general general of the national security of Afghanistan, along with the national security of Afghanistan.
The Board of Afghanistan in order to say “Vogue” has been traveling to pakistan on the agenda for peace and solidarity to Pakistan. Earlier this year, the prime minister of Pakistan traveled to Kabul to work this program, and now apparently two countries have the final work of the program.

Fighting with terrorism, securing security, economic growth, development of cooperation and handling of immigrants and background problems to return them from the most important components of the action program for peace and solidarity. With the beginning of this program, Pakistan’s government has been exposed to another major test, and in fact greater chance is the gateway to the pakistani brain.
The Afghan government tried to isolate Pakistan for the isolation of Pakistan. The internal problems in Pakistan are now high. The Wall of distrust between people, different relatives, and the government of this country is raised to highest level. Russia does not trust Pakistan, and China is also in doubt of the politics and politics of Pakistan.

The United States has no good and very good heart of Pakistan’s performance, and on the surface of the region, Afghanistan and India as the enemies of this country.
With all these stories, Pakistan must use this chance to do good. The Government of Afghanistan has often opened the gate of trust with Pakistan, but islamabad with the politics of deceit and hostility. If Pakistan gives this chance to improve relationships with the people and the government of Afghanistan, perhaps there will be no trust in Pakistan until the next year.

On the other hand, if pakistan is to act for peace and solidarity, the government of Afghanistan should also be in a serious manner of Islam and this ungrateful neighbor. At the time of Afghanistan, Afghanistan can take its energy to pakistan rather than travel in the United Nations to make islamabad more than what it is, isolation and economic problems.

The politicians of Afghanistan have the most traveled to Pakistan. In the time of hamed karzai and the national unity government has been tried many times to be trusted, but it did not result, and the reason for the Pakistan’s political policy was.
What can be suspected of Pakistan as the other conspiracy of Pakistan, is that he always raised peace and cooperation in the winter of Pakistan, but now in other seasons, the Taliban fight with security forces are also in Pakistan. He wants peace and cooperation.

The Government of Afghanistan must know more than the past until pakistan does not have the conspiracy and deceit to work their involvement.
In any case, Afghanistan is in a war with Pakistan. The Taliban support Pakistan and the Taliban are the enemy of an afghan military. This war wants war policy and the government of Afghanistan must act conscious.

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