NDS Special Forces bust dangerous gang of armed robbers in Kabul city

The Special Forces of the Afghan Intelligence, National Directorate of Security (NDS), have busted a dangerous gang of armed forces during an operation in Kabul city.

According to a statement released by NDS, the NDS Special Forces arrested Obaidullah alias Raees Obaid and seven men during operation which was conducted in the 10th police district of Kabul city.

The statement further added that Obaidullah and his men were involved in looting, murders, and armed robberies in Kabul city.

The detained individuals have confessed that they have robbed at least 50 vehicles from various parts of Kabul city, NDS added in its statement.

This comes as there has been a sharp rise in criminal related incidents in Kabul city during the recent months.

Numerous criminal incidents have taken place in Kabul city during the recent months including the murder of trader in Karte Parwan area of Kabul city which took place in broad daylight few days earlier.

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