An open letter to Secretary of State Mike Pompeo

An open letter to Secretary of State Mike Pompeo


A coalition of Afghan Community Organisations (CACO)

26 March 2020


Secretary of State Mr. Mike Pompeo

The State Department

The Government if the United States of America

Washington DC


Dear Secretary Pompeo!

We the under signed are concerned about the impacts of the US policies on the stability of Afghanistan State. After two decades of fighting terrorism, nation building, state building, establishing the fundamentals of a democratic society and embarking upon programs to lead us towards a prosperous, progressive and just society with billions of dollars provided by our coalition partners, particularly the United States of America, the European Union and NATO, we expect the United States to emphasize on adherence to the democratic processes, upholding the Constitution of the country not encouraging those who blatantly defy the Constitution. Given the appeasement policies perused by the United States, for the third consecutive presidential elections Mr. Abdullah, the candidate by the coalition of the warlords, refuses to accept the results and openly rebel and threaten the state with violence and instability.

In this regard the statement by the State Department after your recent Kabul visit disappointed a vast majority of the Afghan people. On one hand the US government welcomed the official outcome of the recent presidential elections in Afghanistan and attended inauguration of President Ghani but at the same time you are placing the elected government in the same scale with those who has soundly lost the elections but refuse to accept the official results and blatantly defy the constitution by declaring an illegal criminal parallel government.

We the people of Afghanistan are puzzled by insistence to include the warlords who during the early 1990s destroyed this country and committed numerous human rights abuses in the forthcoming new administration of President Ghani government. The warlords could not muster enough support during the recent elections to get Mr Abdullah elected. The recent experience of the so-called National Unity Government with Mr Abdullah as the Chief Executive, engineered by your Democrat predecessor, was a total disaster and resulted in a sick ineffective and inefficient government. Why would you insist once again for the formation of similar ineffective administration? How come the US government’s interests are not served by a democratically elected unified strong government but by a bunch of corrupt warlords represented by Mr Abdullah who have no popular support, no respect for the rule of law, and democracy. During the past 19 years these corrupt warlords and their associates occupying government positions were engaged in looting public monies, custom revenues, illegally confiscating public lands, drug trafficking, misappropriating foreign aid, nepotism, establishing local pockets of power where laws of the nation were ignored. In the process they became multi-millionaires including Mr Abdullah himself. These warlords still kept their illegal armed bandits which are threat to the State.

The democracy your government helped build give people of Afghanistan the opportunity to kick out these criminals from the government power. We expect the US to support such positive noble developments, not insisting on forcing these criminals back into leading government positions to continue their looting.

We believe a progressive and democratic Afghanistan governed by the rule of law and the Constitution, will better serve the interests of the Afghan people and those of the United States Government compared to the rule of the warlords with deep rooted ties with the regime in Tehran. An inclusive government of all elements of the Afghan society does not necessarily include the infamous warlords but the educated and the professionals.

Yours sincerely.


Signed On behalf of (CACO) by

Dr Noor Ahmad Khalidi

21 Gleeson Street, North Lakes, Qld 4509, Australia


  1. +61 414566174

CACO Members

  1. The Afghans’ National Discourse Centre (ANDC), Kabul Afghanistan/ Mr Samiullah Passon
  2. The Afghans’ National Discourse Centre (ANDC), Global Centre, California, USA/ Dr Tajuddin Milatmal
  3. Afghan Wulas Cultural Association- Austria / President: Dr. Fazel Rahman
  4. Coalition of Afghan intellectuals in Cologne Germany/ Represented by Mr Said Hassan
  5. Afghan National Unity Council, Belgium/ Represented by Dr. Khalilullah Wafa Khederkhel
  6. Discourse Afghanistan, based in London UK/ Dr Khesrow Sangarwal
  7. Women’s Empowerment, Brisbane, Australia/ Director Mrs Rita Anwari
  8. Loy Afghanistan Movement, Kabul Afghanistan/ Chairman Jamil Weqar
  9. Afghan Youth Active Association, Austria, AKTIV Verein, Vienna/ Safi Aemal Rafiq
  10. Afghan Cultural Association in Finland/ Chairman Nawab Akbar Khan
  11. AZADI Afghan-German Friendship Association, Germany/ Chairman Belal Kabuli
  12. Afghan Australian Unity Association, Melbourne / AAUA
  13. Afghan Social club UK/ Samsoor Faiz
  14. Afghan youth UK Unity Afghan Community and Most Afghan Communities in the UK.
  15. Afghan Historical Strategic Centre UK/ Director Dr Wares Waziri, Noor Wahab Sapand, Sayed Zaker Shah Sadat.
  16. Dawat Media Senter (Norway) / Director M. Tariq Bazger


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