Pakistan and Iran have always cooperated against Baloch national interests

Pakistan and Iran have always cooperated against Baloch national interests:

Hyrbyair Marri London:

Baloch leader and the head of Free Balochistan Movement Hyrbyair Marri said in a statement from London that the occupying states of Iran and Pakistan have always closely cooperated against the Baloch national cause in order to counter and eliminate the Baloch freedom struggle. He said that both states were equally involved in occupying Balochistan and committing gross human rights violations against the Baloch people, and in the past, both the states have jointly fought against the Baloch nation. However, due to the current religious, political and economic ambitions in the region the relationship between Iran and Pakistan has become temporarily strained. Because of this tension, both states have adopted dangerous policies against the Baloch national struggle. Both occupying states, through their infamous intelligence agencies, are trying to pit pro-freedom organisations against each other on both sides of occupied Balochistan. In some places, they have succeeded, in others, their evils designs have failed. Mr Marri said, regardless of whether you are struggling against Pakistan or Iran, if you get support from one of those occupying states and use it against your own Baloch brothers, who may be under the occupation of the other state, it is as if you are chopping off a part of your own body. The Baloch nation will suffer as a result of Baloch organisations fighting against each other. The civil war of Iraqi Kurdistan is a clear example, where the KPD and PUK have become proxies of neighbouring nations, Kurds were killed at the hands of their fellow Kurds. In three years’ time, more than eight thousand Kurds were martyrs and many people are still disappeared.

Baloch leader Hyrbyair Marri said in his statement that Balochistan is the land of the Baloch nation, the Baloch nation consists of various schools of thought, including Muslim, non-Muslim, secular, religious, socialist and moderate people, and all these people despite thinking differently and having different ideas can still play a vital role in the Baloch freedom struggle. It will be unwise to reject any Balochs’ struggle because of their different thinking and different ideologies. How is it possible that millions of people would follow one school of thought? He further added that the imperialist forces divided Balochistan into different parts and then divided each part into different areas, and now some narrow-minded Baloch organisations want to divide Balochistan and Baloch nation permanently, on an ideological basis – like how the German and Korean nations were divided only on an ideological basis. If this political attitude prevails then an independent Balochistan will be divided on the ideological and regional basis, where instead of gaining political power through the constitution and vote, religious leaders, socialists, atheists and tribal people will not hesitate to impose their ideologies on each other, to divide the independent Baloch state and nation furthermore. Hyrbyair Marri said, “The Baloch nation has never accepted the Goldsmith line drawn by colonial powers, and they will never accept it.” The Baloch political activists from both sides of occupied Balochistan can take refuge and live in any part of Balochistan. “If Baloch from Iranian occupied Balochistan takes refuge in Pakistan occupied Balochistan and vice versa, it does not matter, because Balochistan is one, and it is our shared country.” In fact, strategically planned appeal for asylum is not a danger to the Baloch national interest but accepting the artificial line (boundaries) and becoming mercenary soldiers of other states, and being used against the Baloch nation, endangers the entire Baloch national cause. In these circumstances, if activists from both sides of occupied Balochistan become proxies of their eternal enemies and work against each other, it will immensely damage the Baloch national interests. First, these two states will use Baloch against each other, and then after a minor improvement in their relationship, they will become allies and use the Baloch as a bargaining chip to please each other. Mr Marri said that freedom of any part of Balochistan will be the beginning of the independence of a United Balochistan, and that is why Baloch activists from both sides of occupied Balochistan should use their power and energy against the occupying states [Iran and Pakistan].

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