Pakistan ISI trying to radicalize secular Baloch youth. By: Khairdad Baluch

Snatching a pen and giving gun to the Baloch youth is tantamount to radicalize the secular Baloch youth into extremists. Pakistan #ISI during soviet union invasion in #Afghanistan, introduced Jihad in Afghan society by putting the images of guns, bullets and Jihad. The Afghan youth were brain washed since childhood, ISI cleverly put made the school syllabus of nursery and Kindergarten level classes where Pakistan army associated T for Topak (Gun), J for Jihad. An Afghan student since childhood had become a Jihadist and preferred guns instead of a pen that destroyed entire Afghan landscape and national demography of the country. Kids started to buy toy guns, they adopted hit and run (guerrilla warfare) during their break time in educational institutions.

The Afghan youth instead of undertaking collages, universities landed into getting admission in Pakistan ISI run madrassas in Islamabad, Lahore, Quetta, after completing their religious courses they were considered themselves a better Jihadist to kill their own fellow citizens. By counting guns and bullets Afghan youth did not become scientist but drug dealers, by reading about Jihad since childhood Afghan youth couldn’t became life saviors but started beheading their own fellow countrymen. Today Pakistan is repeating the same history to brain wash the Baloch educated youth, ISI is inviting Baloch collage and university students to Lahore, Islamabad, Pindi to inject hatred against #FreeMovement of Balochistan. In the name of Baloch youth mobilization program by ISI, , students are being trained how to operate a gun that mean Pakistan fully have planned to use the Baloch youth to carry blood bath in occupied Balochistan.

To expose and counter this dirty plane of Pakistan army Free Balochistan Movement timely started a nationwide campaign to caution the Baloch youth and people of Balochistan to stay away from ISI’s anti-Baloch campaigns. Now it the duty of every Baloch men and women to distance themselves from such piousness planes of ISI to convert to the secular liberation movement into radicalization the youth. Baloch youth are well known of Pakistan’s dirty planes and we are optimistic that Pakistan will fail to dilute the #BalochistanIndependence movement.

Baloch youth are quite well aware of such dirty planes and we hope in near future they come up with more strength and unity to counter Pakistani anti-FreeBalochistan state backed planes. It is alarming for entire region especially for the NATO, United States of America to take immediate action against Pakistani planes to radicalize the secular population of Balochistan. International community must come ahead and support the legitimate freedom struggle of #Balochistan which has a vital role to combat Pakistani extremism since many decades.

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