Pakistani Taliban resurfaces in Waziristan to crush PTM

Despite the claim of Pakistan security forces that Waziristan has been cleared from the terrorists and extremists, there are reports that for the past few days, jirgas have been held in Waziristan by influential Pakistani intelligence chiefs and tribal elders to hand over control of Waziristan to the ‘good Taliban’ to crush the Pashtun Tahaffuz Movement (PTM).

Source told Sayhoon that the Taliban insist the Pakistan government forces to leave the area and allow them to crush the Pashtun Tahaffuz Movement to stop from expressing views on security issues of the area, lying on the border with Afghanistan.

Ismail Dawar, one of the PTM members in Waziristan told Sayhoon that the Taliban are moving freely in the bazaar on Friday and held their first public parade since the jirga was held in their favor. He furthered that Waziristan has been the safe haven for the ‘good Taliban’, who are being used by the Pakistan security establishment to secure their strategic interests in Afghanistan.

“In the past, Baitullah Mehsud and Hakimullah Mehsud were tasked to carve out kingdoms for themselves in Waziristan. Their forces was sent to ruin Afghanistan,” said a critic of Pakistan government’s policies.

The UN has recently released its reports, saying up to 6500 Pakistani are fighting under the umbrella of Afghan Taliban despite the Pakistan government’s claim of making efforts to bring peace to Afghanistan.

Ali Ahmad Kakar, a tribal elder and participant in Thursday’s Wana Jirga, told Sahyoon: “The whole focus was on handing over Waziristan to the Taliban and using them to carry out targeted killings, Implement their ideology and crush the activists and leaders of the Pashtun Protection Movement.” He said Pakistan had been using Waziristan territory to instigate insecurity and train militants since its inception.

For the last couple of days, there have been a string of target killings in Waziristan. Israr Khan,  Malik Masood ur Rahman and Malik Asmatullah, the students at the University of Lahore, have been killed in targeted attacks in Waziristan. The PTM leadership has strongly condemned the killings saying the movement will resist all such attempts to turn our land over to terrorists.

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