Pompeo’s recent stance on Afghanistan condemned nationwide following the recent US declaration

By: Faheem Nazimi

The vast majority of the people of Afghanistan strongly condemn Pompeo‘s government’s recent declaration and the undemocratic and irresponsible behavior demonstrated towards President Ashraf Ghani’s administration. Pompeo’s insistence on coercing to include the rapacious, abysmally corrupt war criminals led by Dr. Abdulla Abdulla on President Ghani is hypocritical and in contradiction to the US and International core principles of international conventions and treaties on non-interference in the internal affairs of a sovereign and friendly country, Afghanistan. This bunch of mafia that Pompeo is now trying to impose on President Ghani’s government have been democratically ousted from power in recent general elections only to allow the present government of Ghani to form a strong meritocratic government representing the whole nation to be able to preserve the hard-won gains of the past two decades and national interest of Afghanistan and that of the United States as a reliable and trustworthy partner. The present state of affairs that Afghanistan is in is detrimental to its sovereignty and independence. What Zalmaikhalilzad and Pompeo are doing to Afghanistan is to outsource US policies on Afghanistan to Pakistan once again as conveniently as it was once in the period of the Jihad of Afghanistan. This is not acceptable by the heroic people of Afghanistan come what may. The idea of Khalilzad‘s expectation to pressure Ghani to agree to form a semblance of the Unity government with Abdulla Abdulla termed as “all-inclusive government’ is part of this conspiracy. This expectation is invalid, biased, and hostile and against the will of the majority of the Afghans who have recently voted the rascals out of the so-called Unity government purely in an effort to set up instead an independent government led by their popular President Ashraf Ghani as the only hope for peaceful and democratic Afghanistan. This wild expectation is a sign of disrespect for the sacrifices of the Afghan National Security and Defenses Forces being made on daily basis in defense of their high moral grounds which is to say no to the Unity Government.
The people of Afghanistan refuse to tend to such suggestions of ulterior designs that paly only into the hands of the enemy of Afghanistan. Most of the people in Afghanistan suspect Khalilzad as a trouble maker who is bent on creating rifts and discords among Afghans and consider him an evil person.
It is really disappointing to see that the US government, in the past almost two years, is secretly involved in a skullduggery with Taliban and their Masters only to maintain a semblance of a hasty peace and stability so that they could leave Afghanistan regardless of its consequences only to return to Afghanistan repeating the same mistake like that of Iraq during AL Maliki government. This is a risky move and designed only for personal gains detrimental to the US-Afghan common interest.
Afghanistan has sent a stern warning to the Trump administration time again regarding any US forces total and hasty withdrawal. The Afghans overwhelmingly alarmed about any secret deal that would jeopardize the present democratic set-up and providence by the government of Afghanistan. The people of Afghanistan believe that any secret dealing concerning Afghanistan’s future between the two parties without any consent of the Afghan government and its people with a bunch of fanatics stooge will be a futile effort and will not hold water. Such talks are only undermining the Afghan nation’s resolve and determination in defending their country against terrorism, Talibanism and Pakistan’s direct interference in its internal affairs. It will also alienate the Afghan nation and aggravate the friendship between the two great nations and governments. Such a process is deemed as a betrayal of the Afghan nation its legitimate government and its sovereignty in favor of a foreign stooge and enemy of the US and the international community. This is unfair and it will be doomed to failure. It resembles that of Petraeus’s “awakening” campaign. But Petraeus plan was mainly designed to reduce the violence and allow the US troops to leave Iraq and not to repair the Shia –Sunni rift that Zarqawi had created. It was left to Iraq’s elected government led by Noori-Almaliki to make a lasting peace. The US military, capitalizing on this began to finance and support an insurgency-within-an-insurgency, known as the “awakening”. The tribesmen were willing to fight AQI, even though they had previously were against the Americans and had fought the Americans, as they believed that joining forces with the US would give them immunity from prosecution from previous crimes they had committed and would secure lucrative government contracts to rebuild devastated Sunni areas and a share of political power in Baghdad. They were designated as “Sons of Iraq” to underscore the fact that most of AQI’s commanders were foreigners. As the US discovered Maliki and his Shia-led governing coalition were more interested in recrimination than reconciliation. The “sons of Iraq” were denied salaries they had been promised. The tribal leaders never got those government contracts. Sunni politicians in Baghdad were ignored, often humiliated and sometimes prosecuted vindictively. The most senior of them, vice president Tariq al-Hashimi, fled the country after being charged with terrorism, he was eventually charged in absentia. Maliki also filled the ranks of Iraqi police and military with Shia, some of them were from the Militias men killed Sunnis before. All this led to the Sunni’s resentment to bubble up again, setting the stage for AQI’s return.

Here in Afghanistan, the role play is slightly changed with Khalilzad in the role of Petraeus, but the motive is perhaps the same to bring a relative stability so that the US troops can leave Afghanistan regardless of its consequence, so long as a handful of US politicians are happy. The plan did not work in Iraq and the US had to send their troops once again to Iraq following a blood bath. It only played into the hands of Dayesh. That is how Dayesh was created and mobilized. Afghans are extremely worried that this is probably exactly what is happening here in Afghanistan. Another reason why the afghans and their government led by Ashraf Ghani is skeptical of the outcome and behavior of the US-Taliban peace negotiation with the Afghan government sidelined is that it is very likely that the US may be willing to repeat the same strategy of having their foreign policies on Afghanistan outsourced to Pakistan through Taliban by outmaneuvering and outsmarting the Afghan government and its people. This scenario is absolutely dreadful and naïve and would be definitely thwarted by the Afghan nation as a whole. Turning a back on the Afghan government led by Dr. Ashraf Ghani would be a historical irreparable blunder committed by the US and would serve no purpose. It would be disrespectful and betrayal to the enormous sacrifices made by both the Afghan nation and the international community toward achieving a common goal in the fight against terrorism in this part of the world. Therefore, the Afghan government and the people have every right to ask the US government to come to clear and abstain from any skullduggery and deceit and make sure that they do not jeopardize the hard-won gains of the Afghan nation. The Afghan nation deserves a lasting, honorable and decent peace and a lot better not a sellout and another round of the nation’s destruction and scatters of its generation around the world leading to yet another human catastrophe.

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