PTM and Women‌ – By: Gulalai Ahad

PTM and Women

By: Gulalai Ahad – USA

In every revolution throughout history, women have actively participated in the call for change and end to social, economic and political injustices. It is by means of this participation alongside their male counterparts that they have broken the social, cultural and economic chains that hindered them from participating in and benefiting from public life.

The Pashtun Tahafuz Movement (PTM) is not any different. This movement is an ideal opportunity for Pashtun women to come out of the woodwork and advance their position in society. Strong vocal women have emerged within the PTM as rallies and protests see an increasing number of female participants. The PTM leadership has not only welcomed this participation but has called for all Pashtun women to stand with them in their struggle for Justice, allowing them the same if not greater status in serving as the face of the movement.

These women put their lives in danger and risk their livelihoods to lead protests against the injustices inflicted upon Pashtuns by the Pakistani military while at the same time elevating the status of women within the Pashtun society. It is the responsibility of every Pashtun woman within and outside of Pakistan to join in this struggle for Pashtun rights and in effect Pashtun women’s rights within both a political and social context. Social media has been instrumental in both the organization of the movement and its demonstrations against the militarized government of Pakistan. It is through this medium that Pashtun women across the globe can and must lend their support in bringing international attention to the plight of Pashtuns within Pakistan.


Source: Dawat magazine issue 236

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  1. Dr. Babory Haschem

    ګلا لۍ جانې ورېرې د زړه له کومې خپل احترامات تاته محترم پ احد صیب او نورو خوندو او وروڼو ټه دې دزړه له کومې وړاندې کوم !
    ! نږدې ۲۱ کاله تیر شو چې سره ورک شو ي یاستو خو ستا سې کورنۍ مې تل په زړه کې پرته وه . الله پاک مو صحتمند لره
    په درناوي
    کا کا دې
    هاشم بابړ


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