PTM urges immediate release of Hanif Pashteen, imprisoned without trial

Pakhtun Tahaffuz Movement (PTM) has demanded the Pakistani authorities to release PTM founding member, Hanif Pashteen, who is imprisoned for the last several months without any trial or conviction.

Hanif Pashteen was arrested after the Khar Qamar incident when the PTM Bannue organized a protest rally. But so far he has not been presented before the court to where he can defend the charges.  PTM believes that his arrest is unconstitutional and violates citizens’ right to freedom of expression provided by the constitution of Pakistan.

“Hanif Pashteen has spent a lot of time in prison without any trial or conviction by any court of law. He is languishing in jail as a hostage at the hands of oppressors,” said Afrasiab Khattak, former member of the Pakistan Parliament and human rights activist.

Mohsin Dawar demanded his immediate and said: “He is a brave, courageous and dedicated leader of PTM who was attacked and then implicated in a false and fabricated case by intelligence agencies because he kept resisting even during the worst crackdown after the Kher Qamar Massacre.”

Ali Wazir, a member of Pakistan’s Parliament, also raised voice for Hanif release and said that Hanif Pashteen was arrested by security agencies in a false and fabricated case and urged for his immediate release from the prison.

In Pakistan PTM, a rights organization has challenged the Pakistan Army in the country where criticism of the military is rare. The PTM is one of the few movements to directly call for accountability and protest against the institution. That is why crackdown was launched against its workers and was arrested in sedition charges. But courts of law have released them as the law enforcement agencies couldn’t bring any solid evidence against them.

Right activist advocate Fazal Khan said in Twitter
Post: “Citizen of a country is being treated as a subject in the so-called Riyasat Madina. Incapacitated bureaucracy in tribal areas under the banners of the Pakistan army play the role of stepmother with Pashtuns. We’ll resist this system until the end of our life.”

Wrranga Lunri, woman activists of PTM from Balochistan said that no one can stop the PTM from its mission through such false cases. “Though hundreds of fake cases were made on Pashtun political activists, the PTM’s narrative has vastly disseminated, and the Pashtuns’ case has been internationalized. Stop wars in our land & the carnage of Pashtun because you can’t defeat the whole Pashtun,” Lunri said.

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