Saudi King hosts conference of scholars on peace, stability for Afghanistan

Saudi Arabia’s King Salman bin Abdulaziz has received in Jeddah on Wednesday a delegation of Islamic scholars participating in the International Conference of Muslim Scholars on Peace and Stability in Afghanistan.

The participants in the meetings of the International Conference of Scholars on Peace and Stability in Afghanistan has called on Afghan scholars to find solutions to the current conflict between the warring parties in order to achieve peace and stability and stand with the Afghan government against the parties stirring strife among the Afghan people.

The Saudi monarch welcomed the scholars, commending them and the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) for holding the conference in Jeddah.

“You are the best who work to serve Islam and Muslims, unify their words and ranks, and eliminate the Islamic world from wars and crises afflicting it as well as the scourges of extremism and terrorism. Almighty Allah honored the Kingdom to serve the two holy mosques and this is what we have always been doing and still doing since the era of our father up today,” the Saudi king said..
The King affirmed that Saudi Arabia has experienced with the Afghan people their suffering since the beginning of their crisis and its resulting civil war, whereas Saudi Arabia has provided humanitarian and economic assistance and exerted continuous political efforts to eliminate division and differences among the factions of the Afghan people.

“Today, we are optimistic that your efforts will contribute to closing the page of the past and opening a new page in Afghanistan that would achieve the aspirations of the Afghan people for security and stability, and this requires adopting the approach of dialogue, reconciliation and tolerance as dictated by our Islamic religion,” Saudi King Salman said.

The first plenary session entitled “Reconciliation in Islam .. Role of Scholars in Establishing Peace and Stability in Afghanistan” was managed by Advisor at the Royal Court and Imam and preacher of the Grand Holy Mosque Dr. Saleh bin Humaid.

It focused on the events taking place in Afghanistan and the terrorist war targeting the Afghan people and the role of scholars in Afghanistan in ceasing this war.

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