Shah Faisal Afridi: An activist who fought for Pashtuns’ rights dies of COVID-19

A leading Pakhtun Tahaffuz Movement (PTM) activist Shah Faisal Afridi (Afghan) died after being infected with coronavirus and fighting for his life in intensive care in a hospital in Peshawar.

He was an activist of PTM, and Human Rights defender who opposed all types of oppression and openly criticized the state of Pakistan and it’s Army for their policies and wars on the Pakhtuns land.

The doctors said that he was suffering of Coronavirus and succumbed to it after a brief battle, however, some of his friends also alleged that his death wasn’t natural and might have been killed by the Pakistan security forces for his activism for Pakhtuns nationalism and state oppression in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and Baluchistan provinces.

“I don’t think Faisal Afghan’s death is natural. His death is a continuation of the ongoing Baloch, Pashtun and Sindhi genocide,” a PTM activist Mumtaz Ali Shan alleged. “How is it possible that he had not have any physical ailment, and then suddenly he died within a week of suffering from COVID-19?”

Shan further said that he was not only an activist of PTM but also a strong supporter of the oppressed Baloch and Sindhis at the hands of Pakistan’s security establishment. “We will never forget this secretive assassination,” Shan said.

Shah Faisal in his last audio message has strongly criticized the strategy of the PTM and urged that until the movement formulates a formal manifesto and set proper goals, the chances of its success will be slim.

He has said that the PTM has achieved some success due to the victims of wars and oppression but now the owner of the movement has been snatched from their hands and new people have entered into the movement.

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