Shelling by Pakistani military kill, wound 9 Afghan children in Kunar

The latest wave of shelling by Pakistani military killed three children in eastern Kunar province of Afghanistan.

Officials in Kunar Police Headquarters said the shelling also wounded 6 other children.

The officials further added that a rocket landed in Dangam district killing three children and wounding six others.

Shir Wali, a spokesman for Kunar Police Headquarters confirmed that the incident took place at around 1 pm local time today.

Abdul Ghani Musamim, a spokesman for Kunar Governor’s Office said the Pakistani military also fired 26 artillery shells on Shiltan district on Sunday.

Musamim further added that the shelling did not inflict casualties on local residents but damaged some properties.

Meanwhile, the officials are saying that the Pakistani military has fired more than 700 artillery shells and mortar rounds on Kunar in the past one month.

The officials also added that the majority of the artillery shells and mortar rounds landed in Shiltan district.

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