Sullaimani, War Criminal and Human Rights Abuser

By: Faheem Nazimi

January the 5th 2020

The demise of Quds branch leader of the Sipahi Pasdaran of Iran, the elite revolutionary guard, General Sullaimani killed in Iraq a couple of days ago in a US aerial mission ordered by the US President Trump may have brought grievances to some uninformed common men in some corners of the world and Iran, the fact of the matter is that no grievances can justify his actions. He was a brand evil that defies definition. The scale of his terror actions perpetrated and the damage that he inflicted on the world (innocent people in the Middle East, Afghanistan and beyond) is immeasurable and no God condones this terror. He recruited as mercenaries and deployed some 5500 young Afghan lads from the Afghan refugee camps taking their disadvantage and desperate state of destitution to battlefields in Iraq, and Syria. A lot of them were killed leaving many mothers in mourning and those left were recruited into Fatimyun Malesia force as mercenaries.

Some more than 12 00 of them are reported to have been still missing. He brought bloodshed and terror to the entire region by inciting Shaits against the Sunni in Iraq. Al-Maliki of Iraq also enjoyed Irans political and military support provided by Sullaimani enabling him to crush his Sunni opponents and political rivals vindictively that led to the sudden uprising of Daesh. He had always been looking for trouble and discord to exploit in his own favor. He created a rift between the Sunni and Shias community in order to destabilize the country and seize opportunities aimed at expanding Iran’s influence and domination. Throughout his time he had been acting evil and violent and was engaged in plotting terror and subversion and skullduggery. He had reached out to many factions in Afghanistan during Jihad and recruited their leaders into his network of terror and espionage.

After September eleven, following the collapse of the Taliban, Sullaimani continued to infiltrate the whimsical rule by Karzai under which his cronies flourished. Sullaimani would provide these Afghan sold outs, the so-called warlords including the former President of Afghanistan Karzai with largess and spigots of huge amounts of cash. All such examples are just a tip of the iceberg not to mention his many plots and subversion masterminded by him against President Ghani’s government too, such as reaching out to the Taliban. Iran provided finance and weapons to the Taliban to capture Ghazni, Farah, and Nimroze provinces at sullaimani’s instigation. Thanks to the Afghan heroic security and defense forces and their allies, all Sullaimani’s plots and skullduggeries and terror based network activities were foiled. From the Iranian perspective, he may have been an adroit leader for the Iranian Army, in the eyes of the Afghans, he is a notorious criminal and a bandit international terrorist who fought the Iranian cause of theological and cultural domination and expansion of Iran’s influence in the region by cheap and inhumane means of military aggression and hegemony militaristic and religious extremism of Shiadom through bloodshed and terror.

His agenda for the region had no limits and served a destabilizing factor. To further his political and religious agenda he backed the Hustsi in Yeman, he sent his forces to Iraq and Syria and reached the stage that he could exert power to influence events anywhere in the Middle East, Afghanistan and beyond. The desire to confront American’s forces and commit genocides was a violation of international law was his idiotic mistake. His ambitious unscrupulous behavior turned him into a tyrant military bloodthirsty leader with a direct mandate from Khamenei, the leader of Iran. He had been notorious in crushing any opposition or rioting at home too. He had been behind the killing and brutalizing many thousands of his own citizens in the recent public rebellion in Iran. The perpetrator of such heinous military crimes and violation of human rights can never be tolerated or revered in the 21 century. That too under the chin of the US military and political might. The US stands for freedom and justice. It defies repression and dictatorships.

After all liberal principles have an honorable place in the US foreign policy. US president is considered the President of the free world and this title was given to the US presidents as of the Second World War in a bipolar world system. It is the duty of the US to act unilaterally to preempt terror without the consent of any other country. The US can exert a regime change and interfere militarily in dictator regime countries, the violator of human rights. The US is liberating power and will defend the victims of repression and violation of human rights anywhere in the world. Dictator regimes are doomed to failure and Irans Khaminai’s regime that has imposed human rights violation and committed atrocities upon their own people and denied them their basic human rights, such as individual, civil and political rights will be consigned to the dustbin of history any time soon. Any US action against Iran’s dictator regime is legitimate from the Afghanistan and worlds’ perspective and the recent US decision to kill Sullaimani is legitimate and highly commendable.

The people of Afghanistan are desirous and hope that the US valorous military will crush any violator of human rights and terrorists anywhere in the world that includes Pakistan too. Pakistani Army and its secret police have also killed thousands of innocent Pashtuns and Baluchi and many thousands are still missing in the past two decades. Pakistani Army has committed genocides of the Pashtuns and Baluchi with impunity. It must be brought to justice. The Afghans conclude that Sullaimani was a war criminal and violator of human rights. He should have been killed before hands; many lives would have been saved. Afghans are grateful to President Trump for his just and appropriate decision to kill Sullaimani. The world is a safer place without him and Afghanistan will feel a sigh of relief in his demise.

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