Taliban prefer a military solution

Taliban prefer a military solution (This is not a Conspiracy theory)

By Faheem Nazimi
26th June 20

I appreciate your optimism, prudence, and patience towards the Taliban behavior in the aftermath of the US -Taliban Peace Agreement, however, the situation on the ground is totally the opposite and rules out any such optimism. There has been no or too little indication or goodwill on the part of the Taliban for an amicable solution and a negotiated settlement I am afraid. The military situation on the grounds categorically indicates the Taliban is not adhering to the Peace Agreement concluded between the US and the Taliban.

They have been violating the preconditions attached left, right, and center. There has been no reduction of violence whatsoever on their part. On the contrary, they have intensified as I have said this on day one that they will use this opportunity to claim a big military victory by seizing a major strategic town on their advance to Kabul for a final showdown with Kabul regime. They will also blockade the major strategic high ways and occupy strategic positions around Kabul to thrust Kabul from several directions. They believe that this is now quite possible as the American forces are on the exit and are not willing to back the Kabul regime militarily anymore. Already a large number of Pakistani military personnel have been seen roaming around in Maidan Wardak province according to some reports. Last week alone they killed nearly one thousand Afghans military personnel across the country.

Politically too they have exerted pressure on the President to resign in favor of an interim government. The Taliban are pushing for a military settlement and is confident that without the US interference would be able to topple the present weak, divided, and corrupt government in Kabul. At the same time, they have continued to keep their ties and alliance with Al-Qaeda and other terrorist groups. They are still enjoying the overall military and political support of Pakistan. So why not go for a military solution while the Kabul government is going to be deserted by their Western alliance. The campaign is at the stage of preparation and according to some reports enemy deployment of forces has started already towards Ghazni to seize before they can settle scores with Kabul.

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