Tarek Fateh must educate Panjabis instead of Baloch and Indians-By: Sobdar Baloch

This is unbelievable that today the majority of Panjabis living in Panjab province and abroad are unaware about Pakistan army’s terrorism on #BalochSoil. In fact they are deliberately facilitating their army and ISI to strengthen #BalochGenocide so they rule Balochistan further in the future.

What is the responsibility of Panjabi intellectual?

A Panjabi from Panjab province must think why his people in Panjab are ignoring Baloch genocide, why the majority of Panjabis cheers when a Baloch activist is killed or abducted by the ISI?

The London group of 1970’s comprised of Najam Sethi, Rashed Rehman, Asad Rehman and few others must have started awareness campaign in Panjab province because the only people must be educated are actually the panjabis themselves. They instead of coming to Balochistan must have worked in Panjab or in Europe, United Kingdom or elsewhere to raise Balochistan issue, because Panjab being the majority in numbers are collectively usurping Baloch rights and suppressing Baloch voice on the assembly forums. Assembly members, army generals, bureaucrats, media and mullah all are at same page when it comes to suppress and crush the Baloch freedom movement.

Baloch leaders took part in Pakistani elections in the past but were not given the chance to do anything for the betterment of their people.

Tarek and other characters must land in Panjab province to ask their politicians and army generals why they dismissed the legitimate governments of Baloch leaders in the past?

Our international friends of Balochistan must think on this aspect that why Panjabi intellectuals make their entry in Balochistan and directly make bonds with Baloch individuals, try to win their trust by using harsh language against pakistan army, ISI and favoring the Baloch freedom movement,. We should seriously think that why they enter in the camps of pro-freedom parties? Are not they deliberately being sent by the ISI to extract information from Baochistan movement to counter it?

Today when entire Panjab province is silent on #BalochGenocide Tarek Fateh and other opportunists must have gone to Panjab province and must have started a massive campaigning to tell the people of Panjab that they must not remain silent on Baloch suffering, Panjabis must educate their own inhabitants that their army is doing wrong in #OccupiedBalochistan. Panjabi intellectuals, columnists and writers like Tarek Fateh must land in Panjab and tell their army must withdraw from Balochistan.

Baloch pro-freedom parties doesn’t need any guideline from Panjabi intellectuals. If these Panjabis really wants to support Baloch cause they must educate their youth, they must go to the universities, collages, and educational institutions in Panjab, Rawalpindi, Lahore, Islamabad to conduct conferences, workshops and public awareness campaigns, must show their solidarity with Baloch people and praise Baloch freedom movement from Panjab province.

Today if we watch Pakistani TV channels all paid pakistani anchor persons and intellectuals openly encouraging Pakistan army to kill all Baloch women, children and people who speaks for the independence of Balochistan.

At this scenario Tarek Fateh and other must contact its own people and make them understand to part from Pakistan army’s heinous crimes against humanity in #OccupiedBalochistan.

Someone must not be surprised that instead of educating Panjabi elite, public, Tarek Fateh is pushing himself towards the camp of pro-freedom parties individuals. We need support from international community but Panjabis always stabbed us from back. If they are really sincere to help Baloch then firstly they must educate their own people not be part in crimes in Balochistan and Pakistan China’s exploitation projects.

BBC URDU conducted a short questionnaire by asking simply the name of cities of Balochistan from top university students of Panjab province. Interestingly none of higher level graduate students know anything about Balochistan, their lecturers were also nil about Balochistan. Tarek Fateh must be worried about the poor quality of information of Panjab youth and educated elite. Baloch nation knows their enemy (Pakistan army) and their destination (Freedom of Balochistan) for which they have been struggling since day one. Panjabis themselves need to be educated because charity begins from home.

A family members or people from one community have the responsibility to educate their own circles. Baloch have to educate their own people, Pashtuns have the duty to create awareness among their own people regarding their issues, Sindhis have to spread awareness among Sindhis and Panjabis must work to educate Panjabis that Balochistan is at war and they must not be part of Pakistan army’s terrorism.

One of my friend asked a question that are Indians and Baloch people that much unable to represent their people’s aspirations and cause on international forums that a panjabi Tarek Fateh is trying to represent them on Media and other forums? Who has given him the authority to distribute certificates of patriotism and traitors?

I replied which i am sure would be answer of every Baloch that he has no right to represent Baloch cause, he is a Panjabi origin and must limit himself as a supporter not a policy maker or representative of Balochistan liberation struggle.Few years ago none knows about Tareh Fateh but now he is introducing himself as an anti-Pakistan to get citizenship of India. His prime objective is to create hatred in India on religious bases, he is given the task to divide Baloch and Indian society. To influence his audience and public he is trying to make himself a celebrity by hosting TV shows in India.

We request our Indian, Pashtun and Sindhi friends that they must join hands and should not let Panjabi outsiders. If Tarek Fateh is really serious supporting Baloch he must organize a rally in Islamabad, Lahore, Rawalpindi in favor of #FreeBalochistan #FreePashtunistan#FreeSindhudesh by chanting the slogans of #PakistanArmyQuitBalochistan. #ISIStopTerrroismInBalochistan etc. And if Tarek Fateh can’t stage a rally in Panjab then he has no right to create misunderstanding in Baloch freedom camps and must keep himself away creating disharmony in Indian society by hosting TV shows like “Fateh Ka Fatwa”.

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